Lili Reinhart Is Just Like Us

Sitting here in this pandemic, I admit that I want to do nothing. If you’re like me you find yourself having a lack of motivation and well, not wanting to do anything. People are lucky you remind them that you are alive.

The pandemic has been nice to slow down with, but it’s been so stressful that you feel no energy, no drive, and just a want to get through.

We’re not the only ones that feel a lack of drive to do anything. Lili Reinhart doesn’t want to do anything during Quarantine either.

If you follow her on Instagram you know that she’s been having conversations with other people on her platform. This past week, speaking to Sylvester McNutt III, she had this to say about how the pandemic is affecting them.

“I’ll have a very simple task…to do, but you know, I don’t want to do it,” she shared in the conversation. “Say, going to the post office. Like, I really don’t want to drive to the post office. It gives me anxiety because I don’t want to have to leave my dog; I don’t want to have to deal with going out in public; I don’t want to do the mask thing. I would, but like I don’t want to put myself in a stressful environment.”

She continued by saying, “I get myself hyped up about very dumb things. And I do that all the time. I remind myself, ‘Why the hell are you stressing yourself out about going to the damn post office?’”

We totally feel her feelings.

How is the pandemic making you feel? Sound off in the comments.

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