Kevin McHale Accidentally Gives His Boyfriend Salmonella

We’ve all fucked up in relationships. You know, we try to be perfect and there for our significant other, but sometimes, we just really screw up. Sometimes it’s on purpose. Sometimes it’s an accident.

Sometimes you undercook food and give them salmonella.

Kevin McHale, of Glee fame, made his man breakfast and apparently undercooked some chicken sausage.


“But have you undercooked chicken sausage (unintentionally) and then served it to your bf and then he got superrrrr sick and you thought it was covid and you got tested twice but nah you just fed him salmonella? He should break up with me. I would,” he tweeted.

I know it’s wrong that I can’t stop laughing, but I do love that Kevin was so frank about what he did.

And then his man changed his twitter bio and I can’t help but love him.

His bio is gold.

 “I left Twitter many years ago. I’m back on now to monitor my thirsty boyfriend, Kevin Mchale, who ‘accidentally’ gave me salmonella 5 days ago.” Austin tweeted.

So hey, if you do something bad today, at least you can tell your significant other you didn’t give them salmonella.

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