2021 Is Going To Punish Me With More ‘Manifest’

2020 sucks ass, and I am over it. The only highlight to my year was that a season of Manifest ended, and I didn’t have to suffer through anymore of the bullshit that is that show.

Time traveling planes? I enjoy a good high, but I have never been high enough to manage to think that shit. The show is like a bad high mixed with insomnia, mixed with sheer fucking boredom.

Ya, I said it.

NBC had previously said that Manifest would return in 2020, but hey, we can be thankful that now, it won’t happen til 2021. I guess that there are good things that happen in 2020.

Both seasons of Manifest are streaming on Hulu, while season two is also streaming on Peacock.

Season three of Manifest returns in 2021 on NBC and streaming on Peacock. I’m turning on Peacock to watch anything but Manifest, but that’s just me.

So yay for 2021 and the shit show of television.

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