Genevieve Padalecki Joins The Cast Of ‘Walker’

Not that we needed more of a reason to want to watch Walker, but we have one. Look, we’ll follow the boys of Supernatural anywhere. Ok, almost anywhere, cause we aren’t the biggest fans of The Boys on Amazon.

Jared Padelecki, is starring on the reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger, which will be entitled Walker. It was announced that lifestyle blogger (and his wife – but she’s her own person first) Genevieve Padalecki is set to star in a heavily recurring role opposite her husband.

Who will she be playing? Well, his wife, Emily.

Walker’s wife in the series is deceased. She will appear in flashbacks. Emily is described as “strong, capable and generous” and “brave and focused on helping the disenfranchised.”

Walker is set to film in Austin, where the couple resides with their two children. Rumor is that production is set to start in October.

Are you excited? Is it a show you want to watch?

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