There’s A New Passenger From Flight 828

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  1. Lyss says:

    This is a load of crap, just like this entire site is. Genuinely do not understand why you waste your time to write this about a show that so many love but you clearly do not. Just because you are clearly petty and biased and do not understand good television does not mean that it deserves to be canceled. During this stressful year that is 2020, I would think that people would want to spend more time spreading love then hate. Shame on you. I hope this show gets all 6 planned seasons just to spite you.

    1. Cool! I hope that it gets all 6 seasons too and it wouldn’t spite me. I wouldn’t care. But go for 6 seasons – I hope it goes. And that it gets better, cause right now it sucks. And I loved the first season. So thank you for your opinion.

      1. Lyss says:

        You don’t care? Yet you write a whole article about how much you think this show haunts you and you want it canceled. Really makes me think you DO care and just want to spread hate.

      2. well you’re wrong. ✌🏼

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