‘Doctor Who’ New Years Special Review: “Revolution of the Daleks” and Misogynistic Bullshit

'Doctor Who' New Years Special Review: "Revolution of the Daleks" and Misogynistic Bullshit
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  1. Jacqueline Lee says:

    WOW. So glad I missed all the hateful comments! I really like Jodi Whittaker’s Doctor…maybe its her emotions but I liked that about David Tennant and Matt Smith on occasion too. I was very sad to see Graham and Ryan leave. So glad Yaz is staying! And you are absolutely right, Doctor Who has always been campy! Can’t wait for the next season!!

  2. Thomas says:

    I was so excited when the gender swap was revealed, but ultimately I think it’s time to admit that Jodie Whittaker was the wrong choice. She doesn’t quite have the spark of charisma you need to carry the role. The BBC should replace her asap with the Jo Martin Doctor we saw in Fugitive of the Judoon. And get rid of Chibnall at the same time. His show-running and stories are godawful boring. I used to so look forward to each new Doctor Who, but aside from the Fugitive of the Judoon there hasn’t been a single recent episode that I haven’t fast-forwarded to skip the 3rd rate dialogue, am-dram acting and tired retreads of yesteryear’s glories. Doctor Who needs a far more radical reboot to make it fresh, vital and fun again. It’s just boring. Sorry if I spoiled the party.

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