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‘Chicago Med’ 6×05 Review: “When Your Heart Rules Your Head”

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  1. Rori says:

    I have to disagree with you. Ethan needed to fire Noah because it was murder. Nurse Trini was in the room , calling out for Noah for assistance and he ignored her. She would have lose job. Ethan was protecting his staff. Noah was being disrespectful to Ethan and when he realizes that he is in big trouble. Noah runs to April because April will talk to Ethan. April uses emotional blackmail to Ethan. He did not turn Noah to the police but he had to fire him because he was not remorseful in assisted suicide. He is lucky to have his medical license. If he was reported to the medical board , he would have lose both his job and medical license. I still believe that Godwin should have suspended Natalie and Crockett the week before for their actions. Actions have consequences.
    I am still April, Ethan and Chexton fan.

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