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5 Lessons Josh And Liza’s Relationship On ‘Younger’ Taught Me

5 Lessons Josh And Liza’s Relationship On ‘Younger’ Taught Me

I am not a big believer in love. Call me jaded and you wouldn’t be wrong. Maybe it’s the fact that my heart has been broken too many times, and maybe it’s the fact that it hasn’t been broken enough. Who knows? But I guess that’s why I would rather just watch love in television shows and movies.

But, like anything in the world, what you consider something to be, and what others consider something to be can be different. Nothing in fandom is a stronger catalyst for disagreements than ships, and the idea of who someone should or shouldn’t be with.

But that doesn’t stop us all from being steadfast in our thoughts, the things that make sense to us, and the way that we envision right from wrong.

Now, I am steadfast in my ships, and while there are quite a few people that aren’t on the same wave length that I am, I stick to the things that I love. What you consider to be a positive love, I may not. What I consider to be a positive love, you may not.

And that’s okay.

One ship that I am holding out for, and will continue to hold out hope for is Josh and Liza on Younger. Their love is not perfect, but it’s taught me a lot about love, lies, truth, and overcoming everything. It’s a ship that I am here for the slow burn with and no matter what happens in the end, I am thankful for it.

Because it taught me so much.


I was raised that honesty is always the best policy. I don’t necessarily agree with that, but I do think that when it’s something major, you need to tell the truth. Liza lying about her age, I understand the reasons that she did it. I truly do. Being older and trying to find a job is not easy.

But I think that when it comes down to it, Josh had every reason to be like BYE FELICIA, but he didn’t. He didn’t cut her out of his life. The truth was a gift to the two of them. It was hard, it made the road harder to travel on, but they made it.

Honesty made them learn what was important to them. Honesty was the thing that made them realize what was important, what their love meant, and what they need to grow.

Love is not always an easy road – in any form of love. But it’s worth the journey.


Loving someone doesn’t always mean that you are going to be together. For Josh and Liza, right now they aren’t. But I think that as we’ve watched their relationship ebb and flow through all the forms that it has taken, what I can admire so much about their friendship/relationship/whatever is that they put each other before themselves.

Liza knew that she still loved Josh as she watched him get married, but she knew she had to let him go. Why? Because it’s what he wanted. She knew that he wanted kids, but she didn’t. So she knew she had to let him go at the detriment of her own heart.

Love is sometimes not enough, but it is enough for you to want more for someone that you love. And sometimes that means letting go.


When you aren’t with someone, for whatever reason that it is, moving on is not easy. It doesn’t matter if they are in your life or not in your life, moving on is not easy.

And sometimes you have to lie to yourself to be able to do just that.

I think that Liza writing that letter – telling Charles that she wouldn’t see Josh anymore – wasn’t right. I am pissed off that she was ever put in a position that she had to do that.

But I do also think that in her mind, that was her way of moving on. No matter how much she loves Josh, she doesn’t feel like she will ever be able to give him all the things that she believes that he deserves. But what she doesn’t get is that in life, people are supposed to make their own choices and taking away the choice of who you can or should love, is completely unfair. Taking yourself out of someones life for the sake of someone else – well, personally in this instance – it shows a crack in the relationship.

Even when moving on, you have to take others feelings into account. You have to do it in a healthy way – this whole moving on thing – or you will never truly be able to move on.


I don’t know about any of you, but for me: I want to be there for everyone that I can be there for. I think it’s an important part of life to be there for others, especially those that you care about.

For Josh and Liza that hasn’t always been easy. Hell, it’s been hard.

But they do it. Because the truth is life isn’t easy. But when you love someone – you put them first. You set your feelings aside, and you do what is best for them.

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They have the chance to see their dreams come true? You support them.

They have the chance to accomplish things they never thought they could? You support them.

They marry the wrong person in an attempt to get over you? You support them.

It’s not easy, but you do it. Because it matters.


We all have self awareness issues. We all have self confidence issues. We all have a million things that we could learn about ourselves.

But the thing is, in life, that’s just not always going to happen. So what do we do? Well, you let your guard down and see yourself through the eyes of someone else.


Because people like you or dislike you for a reason. They see past your insecurities and your self doubt and they see what a force that you truly are.

Do you ship Josh and Liza? What has their relationship taught you?


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