Disney+Presents: Disney Happy Holidays Moments

You want a little interlude of happy Disney holiday moments? We’ve got one for you!

Disney Announces New Release Dates, ‘Black Widow’ to Debut on Disney+ and in Theaters

Disney is shaking up its release schedule once again. We’ve got new dates for Black Widow, Cruella, and more this time. Check them out!

New on Disney+: March 2021

What’s coming to Disney+ in March 2021? We’ve got the entire list right here for you.

New on Disney+: January 2021

Here’s what’s coming to Disney+ in January, as well as an overview of the top titles available this month!

Coming Soon to Disney+

With only a little over three months to go in the year that won’t end, in the middle of the quarantine that won’t end, we’re all looking forward to the entertainment that’s going to fill our endless day of not…

New on Disney+ In September

We all know Mulan is coming, but do you know what else is coming to Disney+ in September? If you don’t, then you’re in luck, because I’ve got the list of things you can waste your time watching right here.…

Disney+ Releases ‘Soul’ Movie Pictures

Disney Pixar’s Soul is coming to Disney+ on Christmas! Here’s all the information we have on it.

Disney Releases New Photos For ‘Cruella’

There are new pictures for Cruella and looking at them all we can think is killer fashion and we may need to go red.

Disney Releases ‘WandaVision’ Pictures

WandaVision is coming, and we have no idea what’s gonna happen, but we’re still very much in.

See Pictures From The Disney+ Reboot Of ‘The Mighty Ducks’

We may not always love a reboot, but we have to admit we’re excited to see where #TheMightyDucks goes. See pictures from the reboot.

See The Trailer For The Disney+ DocuSeries ‘On Pointe’

Disney+ will be giving us an inside look at ballet with their new docuseries, On Pointe.

‘The Right Stuff’ Moves to Disney+

Disney+ has The Right Stuff. I had to make that pun. I just had to. I ain’t even sorry. We’re not getting much in the way of TV news lately, and we don’t even know what – if any –…

‘Once Upon A Snowman’ is Coming to Disney+ Friday

We all love Olaf. Even if, somehow, you don’t quite love Frozen (and why wouldn’t you?) chances are you find Olaf adorable and are excited about the Disney+ release of Once Upon A Snowman. This has been a weird year,…

Kiki Palmer To Host ‘Foodtastic’ For Disney

We are all about food shows lately, so we’re a little excited for this one. Keke Palmer to host Foodtastic for Disney+

Pixar Has A New Short Coming To Disney+

Soul was one of my favorite movies of the past year, so I was excited to see that Pixar has a new short coming based off 22 from the movie. 22 VS. EARTH will air on Disney+ and Tina Fey…

Disney Plus Releases Trailer For ‘Hamilton’

We’re mostly pretending that 2020 isn’t happening, because it’s pretty much sucked. However, in the midst of all the suckage, we have something to look forward to. Disney+ has released the trailer for the day that we are looking forward…

See The First Pictures For ‘Godmothered’ From Disney+

We love a cute Disney movie. Who doesn’t? See the first pictures for #Godmothered on Disney+

Disney Moves ‘Secret Society of Second-Born Royals’

Dates for everything are changing and we know that they will keep changing. So, there are no plans made as far as I am concerned. Cause I know that shit is not set in stone. Disney has moved the date…

Hamilton Movie to Debut in July on Disney+

Disney+ really, really likes us. Or it really, really wants us to get their service, which hey, means they’re doing things to make us like them, which we’re not really complaining about, because Hamilton. The movie! Or, you know, the…

See Photos For Disney+’s ‘Black Beauty’

It’s a timeless story and it’s beauty never changes. See the newest photos for the Disney+ adaptation!

First Look at ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Holiday Special’ on Disney+

Disney+ released some fun photos and a trailer for High School Musical: The Musical: The Holiday Special, and we have to discuss all of it.