‘Chicago Fire’ 9×12 Pictures: “Natural Born Firefighter”

The pictures for Chicago Fire 9×12 “Natural Born Firefighter” are here, and they’re trying to trick us. But we know better.

‘Chicago Fire’ 9×08 Pictures: “Escape Route”

From the Chicago Fire 9×08 “Escape Route” pictures this looks like a case-heavy episode, and that’s sometimes a good thing for the characters.

‘Chicago Fire’ 9×06 Pictures: “Blow This Up Somehow”

The Chicago Fire 9×06 “Blow This Up Somehow” pictures feature a lot of sad faces and oh, yes, an explosion.

‘Chicago Fire’ 9×09 Pictures: “Double Red”

Chicago Fire is new again next week (*insert dancing emoji*), and we’ve got the pictures for episode 9×09 “Double Red.”

‘Chicago Fire’ 9×07 Pictures: “Dead of Winter”

The Chicago Fire 9×07 pictures are here, and we just got one message for Casey: FIX YOUR PROBLEMS, OKAY? FIX THEM.

‘Chicago Fire’, It’s Time For Brettsey

It’s time for Chicago Fire to move on from Dawsey once and for all and commit to Brettsey as their OTP. We said what we said.

‘Chicago Fire’ 9×05 Pictures: “My Lucky Day”

Sometimes it feels like networks release promo pictures just to mock us. That is the case with Chicago Fire 9×05 “My Lucky Day.”

‘Chicago Fire’ 9×10 Pictures: “One Crazy Shift”

Chicago Fire 9×10 “One Crazy Shift” looks like a more case heavy episode, and we’re just a tad frustrated about that. Just a tad.

Chicago Fire 9×11 Pictures: “A Couple Hundred Degrees”

The pictures for Chicago Fire 9×11 “A Couple Hundred Degrees” feature both Stellaride and Brettsey. What is this magic?

‘Chicago Fire’ 9×03 Pictures: “Smash Therapy”

Chicago Fire is returning the first week of January, and here are the pictures for episode 9×03 “Smash Therapy.”

‘Chicago Fire’ 9×02 Pictures: “That Kind of Heat”

The pictures from Chicago Fire’s second episode of season 9 give away nothing. But here they are anwyay.

‘Chicago Fire’ 9×01 Pictures: “Rattle Second City”

Chicago Fire is coming back for season 9 next week, and here are the pictures for the premiere.

‘Chicago Fire’ 9×04 Pictures: “Funny What Things Remind Us”

Chicago Fire’s 9×04 “Funny What Thing Remind Us” airs next week, and a lot of pictures have been released for the hour.

‘Chicago Fire’ 9×11 Review: “A Couple Hundred Degrees”

We were blessed with so much Brettsey content in this week’s Chicago Fire 9×11 “A Couple Hundred Degrees,” and I loved every single minute of it. The looks between those two, my god! This was a big episode for Brettsey,…

‘Chicago Fire’ 9×10 Review: “One Crazy Shift”

Oh come on, Stella. Violet? A jinx? There’s no way. I, for one, am glad that she’s at 51. She belongs at Firehouse 51 if you ask me. I can see why she came to that conclusion at first, though.…

‘Chicago Fire’ 9×05 Review: “My Lucky Day”

I love a good “bottle” episode. Seeing characters have to find their way out of a tricky situation will never get old. I think we learn a lot about the characters in those episodes, and this episode was no exception…

‘Chicago Fire’ 9×09 Review: “Double Red”

This episode was an emotional one for many reasons. If I’m being honest, I spent a lot of this episode being mad at Casey. What’s new, right? The man has been making some questionable decisions lately, and this episode was…

‘Chicago Fire’ 9×08 Review: “Escape Route”

We were blessed this episode of Chicago Fire. We got to see Severide’s friendship with April, Severide with (somewhat) kids, detective Severide, and we even got some Brettsey angst. What more could you ask for in an episode of Chicago…

‘Chicago Fire’ 8×13 Review: “A Chicago Welcome”

Chicago shows up for each other, and that’s what happened in Chicago Fire‘s “A Chicago Welcome.” It’s how they do it. This week’s episode really tugged at the heartstrings. But when Derek Haas writes the episode, you really can’t expect…

‘Chicago Fire’ 9×07 Review: “Dead Of Winter”

We are all for a Brett and Grainger relationship. For now. Read our review of Chicago Fire’s “Dead of Winter”

‘Chicago Fire’ 9×06 Review: “Blow This Up Somehow”

We were really worried that Severide was gonna ruin Stellaride for good. Read our Chicago Fire 9×06 review.