‘Chicago Med’ 6×04 Pictures: “In Search of Forgiveness, Not Permission”

The pictures for Chicago Med 6×04 “In Search of Forgiveness, Not Permission” are here.

‘Chicago Med’ 6×09 Pictures: “For The Want Of A Nail”

Chicago Med 6×09 “For The Want of A Nail” airs next week, and it looks like we’ve got some Mancel content coming our way.

‘Chicago Med’ Season 6 Wishlist

It’s finally here, Chihards! Chicago Med Season 6 premiere is just one day away. We’re excited to see our favorite doctors again, and we’ve got a wishlist of things we’d like to see this upcoming season. Manstead I’m now and…

‘Chicago Med’ 6×08 Pictures: “Fathers and Mothers, Daughters and Sons”

The Chicago Med 6×08 pictures don’t actually give us all that much. Where’s Will? Natalie? Crockett? Inquiring minds want to know.

‘Chicago Med’ 6×11 Pictures: “Letting Go Only To Come Together”

It’s almost like the pictures/promo/synopsis for Chicago Med 6×11 are all for a different episode. We literally have no clue what’s going on.

‘Chicago Med’ 6×10 Pictures: “So Many Things We’ve Kept Buried”

The pictures for Chicago Med 6×10 “So Many Things We’ve Kept Buried” are here, and we’re getting more Mancel – outside of the hospital!

‘Chicago Med’ 6×07 Pictures: “Better Is The New Enemy Of Good”

The Chicago Med 6×07 pictures show us more of what we expected, and yet it seems like we’re nearing a breaking point.

‘Chicago Med’ 6×05 Pictures: “When Your Heart Rules Your Head”

The pictures for Chicago Med 6×05 are here, and it looks like the show is about to break out heart once again. What else is new?

‘Chicago Med’ 6×09 Review: “For The Want Of A Nail”

We all want things. We all want certain things to happen to us or for us, and the doctors and nurses at Chicago Med are no different. Dr. Archer seems to want to be in charge, Ethan wants to be…

‘Chicago Med’ 6×06 Pictures: “Don’t Want To Face This Now”

Chicago Med 6×06 “Don’t Want To Face This Now” is one of those I-can’t-tell-anything-from-the-pictures episodes.

‘Chicago Med’ 6×04 Review: “In Search of Forgiveness, Not Permission”

Chicago Med’s “In Search of Forgiveness, Not Permission” was a definite Macel episode, and we were surprisingly here for it. We review.

‘Chicago Med’ 6×02 Pictures: “Those Things Hidden In Plain Sight”

Chicago Med tackled the pandemic head on in the season 6 premiere, and the emotional toll was heavy. Tomorrow the show returns for one more episode that seems less coronavirus heavy, but that we can’t promise will be much lighter.…

‘Chicago Med’ 6×03 Pictures: “Do You Know The Way Home”

Chicago Med returns next year with 6×03 “Do You Know the Way Home.” Here are the pictures for the episode.

‘Chicago Med’ 6×01 Pictures: “When Did We Begin To Change”

Chicago Med’s season 6 premiere, titled “When Did We Begin to Change,” premieres next week. Here are the pictures for the hour.

‘Chicago Med’ 6×02 Review: “Those Things Hidden In Plain Sight”

Another week, another episode of Chicago Med. Emotions were running high for everyone at Chicago Gaffney Medical Center, and things got tense. Just a typical episode of Chicago Med, right? Some things never change. Ethan Choi, Chief of Emergency Medicine…

‘Chicago Med’ 6×01 Review: “When Did We Begin To Change”

Chicago Med‘s “When Did We Begin To Change” was absolutely heartbreaking. The episode did a great job of tugging at the heartstrings and shedding light on today’s reality. It was a tough episode, but a good one nonetheless. I missed…

‘Chicago Med’ 6×03 Review: “Do You Know the Way Home”

After a longer hiatus than planned, our favorite doctors are finally back. I really enjoyed this episode, despite the fact that it looks Mancel is on their way to becoming a couple. I really just need Manstead to get back…

‘Chicago Med’ 5×17 Review: “The Ghosts of the Past”

This week’s episode marked the 100th episode of Chicago Med. I can’t believe there’s already been 100 episodes. This show is by far my favorite medical drama on television, and the 100th episode did not disappoint. Happy 100th episode Chicago…

‘Chicago Med’ 5×14 Review: “It May Not Be Forever”

This week’s episode of Chicago Med “It May Not Be Forever” took us for a wild ride. From a possible abuser to a potential misdiagnosis, it definitely kept us on the edge of our seats. But would it really be…

‘Chicago Med’ 5×20 Review: “A Needle In The Heart”

Chicago Med’s “A Needle In The Heart” marked the season 5 finale. Which is fitting because the early ending felt like a needle to the heart. Our thoughts:

‘Chicago Med’ 5×19 Review: “Just a River in Egypt”

Well guys, it looks like Chexton is Chex-done. We can’t say we didn’t see it coming. Check out our thoughts on Chicago Med’s “Just a River in Egypt”