‘Chicago PD’ 8×04 Pictures: “Unforgiven”

Chicago PD’s 8×04 “Unforgiven” airs next week, and here are the pictures for the hour, that, as usual, tell us nothing.

‘Chicago PD’ 8×07 Pictures: “Instinct”

The Chicago PD 8×07 pictures are here, and we can’t stop looking at Adam in that shirt. We’re vain, okay?

Chicago PD 8×05 Pictures: “In Your Care”

Chicago PD knows how to do promo pictures that make us want to watch the episode. Here are the ones for 8×05 “In Your Care.”

‘Chicago PD’ 8×03 Pictures: “Tender Age”

The pictures for episode 8×03 of Chicago PD, titled “Tender Age,” have been released.

‘Chicago PD’ 8×08 Pictures: “Protect And Serve”

Chicago PD 8×08 “Protect and Serve” is one of those episodes where despite pictures and synopsis we don’t really know much.

‘Chicago PD’ 8×06 Pictures: “Equal Justice”

The Chicago PD 8×06 “Equal Justice” pictures promise another emotional episode, and hopefully some decisions. Check them out here!

‘Chicago PD’ 8×07 Review: “Instinct”

Give me all the character-centric episodes. I love episodes that mainly focus on one character and tells us more about them through that. Last week was a Jay episode, Kim got the storyline with Makayla, Atwater got a big storyline…

‘Chicago PD’ 8×04 Review: “Unforgiven”

Chicago PD‘s “Unforgiven” gave us so much Upstead content, and I loved every minute of it. But with the good moments come some bad moments, too. I hated seeing Upstead argue. One of the many lessons I took from this…

‘Chicago PD’ 8×02 Pictures: “White Knuckle”

Basically the entire team is out on the field in these Chicago PD pictures for episode 8×02, titled “White Knuckle”

‘Chicago PD’ Season 8 News Roundup

We have some exciting news, Chihards! Every day brings us closer to episode 8×01 of Chicago PD and while the actors begin filming the new season in Chicago, we will try to contain our anticipation with news of what’s in…

‘Chicago PD’ 7×18 Review: “Lines”

Sometimes I wonder if the majority of the people in Intelligence know that you don’t have to cross lines to get the job done. I feel like lines are a foreign concept to the most of the time. Chicago PD‘s…

‘Chicago PD’ 8×01 Review: “Fighting Ghosts”

Chicago PD tackles police reform in it’s season 8 premiere, with a focus on Atwater.

‘Chicago PD’ 8×05 Review: “In Your Care”

All the Burzek feels with this episode! This episode provided us with so much Burzek content, and I loved it. I am falling more and more in love with Burzek each episode. The writers better treat them with care though,…

‘Chicago PD’ 8×06 Review: “Equal Justice”

Chicago PD‘s “Equal Justice” felt a lot like a Jay-centric episode. I’m not sure it was one, but he was definitely at the forefront of this episode. I’m not complaining though, because I love me some Jay Halstead. One thing’s…

‘Chicago PD’ 8×03 Review: “Tender Age”

Upstead finally kissed, and we can’t stop talking about it! It’s time for Upstead to soar. We review Chicago PD’s “Tender Age.”

‘Chicago PD’ 7×10 Review: “Mercy”

It’s been a long six weeks wondering whether or not Jay would survive to see the rest of the season, and in Chicago Pd‘s “Mercy,” we finally get an answer. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I was…

‘Chicago PD’ 8×02 Review: “White Knuckle”

This was another rough week for Kevin Atwater, and Intelligence is getting caught in the crossfire. But on the bright side, we got to see Jordan again! Let’s hope Chicago PD‘s 8×02 “White Knuckle” put an end to Atwater’s troubles…

‘Chicago PD’ 7×09 Review: “Absolution”

It’s that dreaded time if the year again: fall finale time. Where the fate of our favorite characters hang in the balance and we have to wait weeks for the shows to make their return. Unfortunately, this fall finale of…

‘Chicago PD’ Needs to Treat Upstead, And Hailey Upton, With Care

Chicago Pd’s Upstead is now a thing, which means now comes the hardest part, and they need to be treated with care.

‘Chicago PD’ 7×03 Review: “Familia”

Normally, unraveling a mystery and seeing our favorite characters triumph over the week’s murderer/drug dealer/generally bad guy (or girl!) is enough to keep me interested. But that’s not what I’m thinking about after this week’s episode. This Chicago PD 8×03:…

‘Chicago PD’ 7×01 Review: “Doubt”

The more I reflected on the season seven premiere of my favorite of the One Chicago trio, Chicago P.D., the more frustrated I became. Not because it wasn’t a gripping episode or that many of my season wishes are apparently…