The Hallmark Channel Movie: ‘A Winning Team’

‘A Winning Team’ is a fun watch from Hallmark. As Hallmark continues to change and grow, #Awinningteam continues to prove their commitment to empowerment.

‘The Hallmark Channel’ Movie Review: ‘Game Of Love’

Kimberly Sustad is Hallmark’s Meg Ryan & that is not a bad thing at all. Read our review of her latest – #GameOfLove

‘The Hallmark Channel’ Movie Review: ‘The Love Club: Nicole’s Pen Pal’

The Love Club is a romance movie, yes. But it’s more about the power of female friendship and being there for each other… no matter what.

‘The Way Home’ Renewed For Season 2 On ‘The Hallmark Channel’

Yes, we just screamed and jumpy clapped on a meeting because we got an email that #TheWayHome was renewed and no we have no regrets.

‘Made For Each Other’ On The Hallmark Channel Movie Review

#MadeForEachOther was pure corny cheesy joy and we loved it for that. Read the review –

‘The Hallmark Channel’ Movie Review: ‘Welcome To Valentine’

#WelcomeToValentine is a movie about love of ones dreams, ones heart, and the life that we set out for ourselves.

The Hallmark Channel Saturday Night Movie: ‘Welcome To Valentine’ Preview Guide

You know we’re trash for a Hallmark movie and we’re okay with it. We can’t wait for tonights movie – Welcome to Valentine.

The Hallmark Channel Movie Review: ‘Sweeter Than Chocolate’

It is said that love is many things: patient, kind, tenacious, strong. In the Hallmark Channel movie (based off a novel by Lizzie Shane) Sweeter Than Chocolate, however, love is above all brave. After all, it takes courage to open…

The Hallmark Channel Movie Review: ‘The Wedding Veil: Journey’

#TheWeddingVeilJourney is definitely a journey that makes you appreciate friendship and the family that you choose and the power that it holds

The Hallmark Channel Movie Review: ‘The Wedding Veil: Inspiration’

#TheWeddingVeil franchise is one of our favorites for a reason – it reminds us that there is always hope and love if we choose to believe in it.

The Hallmark Channel Movie Review: ‘The Wedding Veil: Expectations’

#TheWeddingVeil is back & its magic is still very strong for Avery & Peter… (as well someone else 👀)

Hallmark Channels ‘Countdown To Christmas’ Review: ‘In Merry Measure’

#InMerryMeasure reminds us that you can chase your dreams and still find your home. There’s a beauty to it all – it’s Christmas magic.

Hallmark Channels ‘Countdown To Christmas’ Review: “All Saints Christmas”

Ahhh, Christmas, how you get me. How you get not wanting to go home, but knowing that you need to. How you get the pain and joys of going home, the expectations and the reality, and everything in between. Sometimes…

Hallmark Channels ‘Countdown To Christmas’ Review: “Lights, Camera, Christmas”

Christmas movies are a wonderful thing. I mean, especially for someone like me, who is a grinch, can’t find Christmas magic, but can seem to find magic in these movies. They let me escape and for that, I am forever…

Hallmark Channels ‘Countdown To Christmas’ Review: ‘A Magical Christmas Village’

Sometimes all it takes is a little magic to find hope and love and purpose.

Hallmark Channel’s ‘Countdown To Christmas’ Review: “Ghosts Of Christmas Always”

I’m writing this review through a bunch of tears. You know one of the reasons that one of the directives on Fangirlish is to write your opinions and speak your truth, was because I think it’s so important. I don’t…

Hallmark Channels ‘Countdown To Christmas’ Review: “Cozy Christmas Inn”

You know how when you wanted to love a movie, but you don’t and you’re sad that you don’t but also like, it just missed the Christmas cheer.

Hallmark Channels ‘Countdown To Christmas’ Review: “A Kismet Christmas”

We didn’t expect to love #AKismetChristmas as much as we did, but we did. And we learned that things change. People change. We change.

Get Ready For The Hallmark Channel’s ‘Game, Set, Love’

We’re always down for a Hallmark Channel movie, but we’re finding this one hard to get into because well.. we just will.

See A Preview Of The Hallmark Channel’s ‘My Grown-Up Christmas List’

Christmas in July! Yes, please. We love a good Hallmark movie – especially their Christmas ones. Doesn’t matter the time of year, we’re always excited for it. Doesn’t matter that we may not like Christmas all that much, we are…