Sofia Vergara Looks Unrecognizable in Official Trailer for Netflix’s ‘Griselda’

Sofia Vergara is the queen pin in the official trailer for Netflix’s Griselda and she looks unrecognizable. Watch it here.

Netflix’s ‘Damsel’ Debuts It’s First Official Teaser Trailer

Netflix dropped the first official teaser trailer for Millie Bobby Brown’s Damsel and we can’t help think about this one theory.

25 Times Netflix’s ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ Official Teaser Gave Us Chills

Netflix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender looks absolutely amazing and we’re hoping against hope that it sticks the landing.

Netflix’s ‘The Archies’ Official Trailer Looks Better Than ‘Riverdale’

Netflix’s The Archies looks better than Riverdale and we’ve only watched the official trailer. Read more here.

Millie Bobby Brown’s ‘Damsel’ Movie on Netflix Gets New Release Date

Millie Bobby Brown’s new movie Damsel has gotten a new premiere date and poster ahead of it’s first teaser trailer.

Netflix Releases Trailer for Kevin Hart’s Lift

A heist movie starring Kevin Hart and Gugu Mbatha-Raw? Now, that sounds like the kind of fun we need in our lives.

Netflix Drops Official Trailer for Jennifer Garner’s ‘Family Switch’

Family Switch stars Jennifer Garner, Ed Helms, Brady Noon, and Emma Myers; the latter being known for playing Enid on Wednesday.

Netflix Drops ‘Sweet Home’ Season 2 First Look & Premiere Date

Sweet Home season 2 is closer than we expected with Netflix dropping its first teaser and date announcement.

Netflix’s ‘Sister Death’ Was Scarier Than ‘The Nun’ But Still Stumbled

Netflix’s Sister Death, the prequel to Veronica, was better than The Nun but it still stumbled. Read on for our review.

Netflix’s My Demon Looks to Be Our Next K-Drama Obsession

My Demon, the new K-Drama coming to Netflix, already has us weak in the knees. Just look at the chemistry. The height difference! We’re in.

Netflix Releases Trailer For Part 1 Of The Final Season Of The Crown

Chills. We admit that this trailer has sent chills down our spine. While some don’t remember where they were when Princess Diana died, we do. We remember the way that we were transfixed with her life and the way that…

The Trailer For This Netflix Movie Promises the Best. Christmas. Ever!

Netflix’s Christmas movies are almost here (how did that happen?), and all we’ve seen of Best. Christmas. Ever is the trailer, but we’re already convinced this is going to be one of your favorites of the season. Because centering women…

How Netflix’s ‘Fall of the House of Usher’ Changes Edgar Allan Poe’s Story

Netflix’s The Fall of the House of Usher honors Edgar Allan Poe’s story while still making some pretty big changes.

Netflix’s ‘Sister Death’ Looks Scarier Than ‘The Nun’ in Official Trailer

Sister Death, the prequel to the horror hit Veronica, is heading to Netflix on October 27 and it already looks scarier than The Nun.

Netflix’s ‘Surviving Paradise’ is Kind of Giving Us the Ick

There is something about Netflix’s Surviving Paradise that gives us the ick and the official trailer emphasizes why. Watch it here.

Bridgerton’s Claudia Jessie Boards Netflix New Show ‘Toxic Town’

Eloise Bridgerton is busy as the new season kicks off in London! Claudia Jessie has joined Netflix‘s Toxic Town. See the details!

Netflix’s ’May December’ Shares Teaser & First Look

In Netflix’s May December, Natalie Portman & Julianne Moore take on their most challenging role yet and we have a teaser and first look!

Netflix Drops A Teaser Of Sorts For Season 6 Of ‘The Crown’

We’ve watched every season of The Crown and loved them (even when they’ve been bad and made us want to yell at the screen). Now, as we approach season six of the show, we know we’re gonna be pissed off…

Netflix’s Releases ‘The Killer’ Teaser Trailer & First Look

Netflix dropped the teaser trailer and first look for The Killer, the David Fincher’s new movie, and we love it! Take a look right here!

Netflix’s ‘Family Switch’ Proves Jennifer Garner is the Queen of Family Comedies

If Family Switch is here to prove anything, it’s that Jennifer Garner is the absolute queen of family comedies.

Netflix Releases Behind-The-Scenes Look at One Piece

If you were already convinced about One Piece — then this behind-the-scenes video will help. And if you weren’t, this might turn the tide.