9 Shows Starring Filipinos to Watch This Filipino American History Month (and Beyond)

Filipino American History Month or not, it’s always a great time to watch Filipinos do what they love on the TV shows they’re starring in.

See More Released Photos From ‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin’

The time is finally here! The highly anticipated #PLLOriginalSin’s first three episodes are out now. See more pics from the episodes!

HBO Max Releases New Photos From ‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin’

We’ve got more pics from #PLLOriginalSin & it definitely doesn’t look like the original version of the show. See the pics here!

Walker Scobell and Owen Wilson Star in First Trailer for ‘Secret Headquarters’

Personally, I thought that nothing could get better than Ryan Reynolds and Walker Scobell in The Adam Project. It was truly a match made in heaven. Now Secret Headquarters is fighting for that spot of best father/son duo with Owen…

‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin’ Official Trailer Looks Absolutely Terrifying

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin’s official trailer is a horror show and we’re probably going to watch every second of it.

See The Character Portraits For ‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin’

They’ve got secrets, but can they keep them? Who the fuck knows. But we’ll be soon to find out as the new iteration of Pretty Little Liars comes to HBO Max. Judging by these new character posters we’re thinking that…

‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin’ Drops Creepy AF Teaser Trailer

HBO Max premiered the teaser trailer for ‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin’ and honestly, it’s creepy AF. Watch it here.

‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin’ Has Wrapped Filming On Its First Season

Season 1 of #PLLOriginalSin has wrapped filming. We’re still meh about the reboot. Are you?

Lucy Hale’s Advice To The New ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Cast

Lucy Hale is a gem & giving advice to the stars of the #PLL reboot. What is the advice? See it here

Janel Parrish & Ryan Paevey Set To Star In ‘Coyote Creek Christmas’

Give us all the Christmas movies all of the time! Janel Parrish &Ryan Paevey are set to star in #CoyoteCreekChristmas for Hallmark!

The Cast Of ‘Pretty Little Liars: Origins’ Keeps Growing

We have to admit, we’re intrigued about #PLLOrigins, even if it feels too soon. See who has been added to the cast & the roles they’ll play.

Three Of The Stars Of ‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin’ Have Arrived In Upstate New York

Is it too early for a new version of #PLL? The cast of #PLLOriginalSin has started to arrive in NY for filming.

Shay Mitchell Responds To A Question About ‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin’

TBH, none of the OG #PLL gang should appear on the new show yet, cause if they do – we’ll never know if the new show can stand on its own.

Bailee Madison To Star In ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Reboot

Are we excited for the #PLL reboot? Meh. Will we hate watch it and probably fall in love with it? Yes. Especially after this casting.

‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin’ Adds Two To The Cast

A new iteration of #PLL already? We’re not sure we’re ready, but it doesn’t mean that we won’t be watching. See who was cast!

There Is Already A ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Reboot Coming?

People make bad decisions all of the time, but HBO Max, well… they keep making subpar ones.

Alicia Keys Just Reminded Me Again How Great She Is

Since this pandemic began, we have all been going through some rough times.  Our lives have changed drastically.  We can’t go out like we used to, we can’t see our family and friends like we used to and we can’t…

‘Roswell, New Mexico’ 2×07 Music Guide: “Como La Flor”

Take a look at all of the songs that appeared in Roswell, New Mexico’s seventh episode of season 2.

Keep Calm, Trope On: Plot Twists

We all have our favorite and least favorite tropes. From love triangles to slow burns, tropes are often the best ways to showcase great characters and storylines. They can also be frustrating and make you question why it is even…

Five Gifs to Describe Our Feelings About ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Coming Back

We finally have a premiere date for Roswell, New Mexico season 2. Hallelujah! Our favorite aliens – and their favorite humans will be back on our TV screens before we know it. As announced in the show’s twitter page, the…

Exclusive Interview: Cindy Miguens

There are so many things that go into making a television show and one of the most important are the makeup and hair departments. Today we spoke with Cindy Miguens, head makeup artist on Fresh off the Boat. Cindy has…