Sarah Shahi Is Asked About That ‘Sex/Life’ Rumor

You gotta hand it to Sarah Shahi, she can keep secret…

But then again, this isn’t really any of our business.

Sarah Shahi And Adam Demos Are So Cute In Love

Love is grand or something like that. #SexLife stars #SarahShahi and #AdamDemos are in love and it’s adorable. Or something like that.

Sarah Shahi & Adam Demos Are Way Too Cute In Love

When co-stars date it’s always scary, because like we want them to get along for sequels. Stay in love Sarah and Adam.

EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Shahi Talks ‘Sex/Life’ And Female Empowerment

Sex/Life is almost here! We interview its star Sarah Shahi, about her character and the prejudices that exist when a woman lives her sexuality.

There Is No Season 3 Of ‘Sex/Life’ Coming

We have to admit, we’re not too sad over no third season of Sex/Life. It came to a natural ending in our opinion.

The Cast Of ABC’s Pilot ‘Judgement’ Is The Casting Dreams Are Made Of

Legal Soap? Yes please. ABC? Yes please. A beautiful and talented cast? Yes please. Who has been cast in Judgement? See it here.

The Trailer For The Second Season Of ‘Sex/Life’ Has A Lot Of… Well, Sex

The Sex/Life trailer has well… a lot of sex. We’re just trying to look and figure out if there is a clue if season one was a prosthetic.

Netflix’s ‘Sex/Life’ Has a Premiere Date

Sex/Life Season 2 has a release date, a teaser trailer and first-look images. Here’s to the show surprising us in different ways.

‘Black Adam’ Review: Not Too Bad and Not Too Good

Black Adam has hype to spare, but there’s no denying it shifts things for the DCEU. Come take a look at our review!

Adam Demos Talks About “Steamy” Scenes In His Movies

How would your significant other feel about you making out with someone else? Well, Adam Demos talks about how his feels…

‘Sex/Life’ To Return For Season 2 – And Yes, So is Adam Demos

Sex/Life is coming back for season 2, and it’s probably safe to say they know what everyone wants to see in the upcoming season.

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Netflix Series Based On Book By BB Easton, Releases First Look

Like so many of you out there, my TBR is totally overloaded with books that have been, or are planning to be adapted for the screen. Author BB Easton is the latest on this list. Her book series 44 Chapters…

Nancy Drew Pilot Passed Over at CBS

The mystery is over before it even began at CBS. The network has nixed the Nancy Drew pilot, titled Drew, and for reasons that are troubling to say the least. According to Deadline, the Drew pilot tested well but was…

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Adam Demos has a reduced role in season 2 of Sex/Life. The actor has a good reason why.

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10 TikTok Reactions To That ‘Sex/Life’ Episode

I want to preface this by saying I had very specific instructions on how to proceed with this TikTok reaction post to Sex/Life. That is to say, I couldn’t watch said episode before I chose the reaction videos. So, I…

The Internet Has A Lot To Say About ‘Sex/Life’

Sex/Life is ummm… interesting. The internet has a lot to say about it and we’re not just talking about the big dick energy in episode 3.