People Making A Big Deal About Alba Baptista and Chris Evans’ Age Difference Need to Sit Down

The fact that some fans are hyper focused on the fact that Alba Baptista is 26 and Chris Evans is 42 is kinda weird, we’re not gonna lie.

Taron Egerton & Chris Evans Both Announce Break From Social Media

Social Media breaks are sometimes necessary. Two big stars taking it at one time… well, it’s something that we’ll get behind because we should.

Chris Evans Liked Being The One That Needed To Be Saved In ‘Ghosted’

We almost forgot that Ghosted comes out this week! Chris Evans was on Good Morning America this week & talked about his time filming the movie

The Trailer For ‘Ghosted’ Starring Chris Evans & Ana de Armas Is Here

Chris Evans & Ana de Armas have our attention. The trailer for #Ghosted has us wanting to perform a romantic gesture ever.

Chris Evans & Alba Baptista Are Instagram Official

Just when we thought that fandom couldn’t be be any crazier, Chris Evans goes IG official with his GF, & yup, fandom got crazier.

Chris Evans Is “Laser-Focused” On Finding A Partner

You’ll never be able to convince us that @chrisevans didn’t know what he was doing when he gave this answer to a question.

The Chris Evans Puppy Interview Is the Best Thing On the Internet

What’s the only thing better than Chris Evans? If you said “Chris Evans doing a puppy interview,” then you were absolutely right.I mean, the man is practically a puppy in human form. (There’s even a Chris Evans as Golden Retrievers…

‘Lightyear’ Cast, Including Chris Evans, React to Latest Trailer in New Video

The Lightyear cast, including Chris Evans and Taika Waititi, react to the latest trailer for the epic Disney/Pixar movie.

Chris Evans Suits Up as Buzz Lightyear in First Trailer for Pixar’s ‘Lightyear’

Is it too early to start counting down the days until Lightyear lands in theaters? You can watch the first official trailer for the movie now!

Chris Evans & Dwayne Johnson Set To Star In ‘Red One’ For Amazon

If there are no sweaters in this holiday event starring Chris Evans and Dwayne Johnson, life has failed us.

Chris Evans Maintains His Chokehold On Our Heart With His Piano Playing

When #ChrisEvans plays the piano an angel gets its wings or something like that.

To Infinity and Beyond: First ‘Lightyear’ Teaser Trailer Debuts Chris Evans as Original Buzz Lightyear

Add visiting space to your Summer 2022 bucket list because that’s when Lightyear, starring Chris Evans, will land in theaters. Watch the trailer!

Every Time Chris Evans Plays The Piano An Angel Gets It’s Wings

Chris Evans doesn’t ask you what you need. He tells you what you need. And over the weekend he told you that you needed him playing the piano!

Chris Evans Reveals What He Does On A Saturday Night

What does Chris Evans do on a Saturday night?? It’s not saving the world, but his laughter saves our world. See the video.

A Chris Evans Appreciation Post For His Birthday

June 13th is Chris Evans‘ fortieth birthday, and to celebrate, I thought I would post his top five moments of the year. Like all of us, the actor has been in lockdown this year, but his tweets, interviews, and pictures…

Chris Evans Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Chris Evans gave us a treat for Christmas and posted an Instagram video of him playing the piano and it’s adorable.

Chris Evans Shows Off His Muscles And We’re Drooling

Bulging biceps. That unbuttoned belt. That smile. Chris Evans knows what he’s doing and we’re okay with it.

Did Chris Evans Scare Olympian Aly Raisman?

I have to admit that I thought that this was Aly Raisman and I also have to admit that I was wrong.

Chris Evans Knew What He Was Doing When He Did This!

He knew what he was doing and you’ll never be able to convince me otherwise.

Chris Evans Shares A New Cute AF Pic On Instagram

Chris Evans is adorable and pictures with Dodger are even cuter. Like adorbs.

Chris Evans Makes Us Thirst For Him Even More

Could Chris Evans get any more perfect? Yes, yes he could. He proved it.