‘Cobra Kai’ 3×07 Review: “Obstáculos”

Cobra Kai 3×07 “Obstáculos” is one of the best episodes of the show’s best season, and it’s all, finally, because of Johnny Lawrence.

‘Cobra Kai’ 3×06 Review: “King Cobra”

Cobra Kai has me asking a lot of questions about Kreese and why they’re trying to make us feel for him.

‘Cobra Kai’ 3×01 Review: “Aftermath”

Cobra Kai returns for season 3 with an episode that establishes the dynamics and the path ahead. We review!

‘Cobra Kai’ 3×10: “December 19th”

#CobraKai has a precedent of big fights and great cliffhangers. Season 3 did not disappoint and continues with this precedent.

‘Cobra Kai’ 3×04: “The Right Path”

In what felt like a filler episode, #CobraKai misses the opportunity to be amazing and fills in the season with characters from the movie franchise.

‘Cobra Kai’ 3×05 Review: “Miyagi-Do”

Cobra Kai 3×05 “Miyagi-Do” is about flipping perspectives for Daniel, and supporting Miguel for Johnny.

‘Cobra Kai’ Ups Two To Series Regulars

Cobra Kai has upped two of it’s recurring stars to series regulars, and we think this bodes well for what’s to come in season 4.

‘Cobra Kai’ 3×02: “Nature vs. Nurture”

What we’ve learned so far in Season 3 of #CobraKai is that everyones easy, no one can be trusted, and well karate drama is so fun to watch.

Season 3 Of ‘Cobra Kai’ Coming A Week Early

We were sleeping on Cobra Kai – we admit it. But we’re all about it and can’t wait for season 3. There is a new premiere date.

‘Cobra Kai’ 3×09 Review: “Feel The Night”

Cobra Kai 3×09 “Feel The Night” brings back Ali Mills and sets up the stage for the finale.

‘Cobra Kai’ 3×08: “The Good, The Bad, and The Badass”

The best part of this episode of #CobraKai was Sam and Miguel. Sorry Robbie, my ship is sailing.

‘Cobra Kai’ 3×03 Review: “Now You’re Gonna Pay”

Cobra Kai 3×03 is aptly titled “Now You’re Gonna Pay,” and that could really and truly apply to almost every pairing in this show.

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5 Reasons To Watch ‘Cobra Kai’ When It Comes to Netflix

Cobra Kai fans now have reason to rejoice, as the Karate Kid revival series has now found a new home on Netflix. For months, we’ve known that the third season was completely made but without a release date in sight…

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Were big brother Anthony’s sideburns real in #Bridgerton? Well, the answer makes me love him for his courage to sport those things.

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Here’s what’s coming to Netflix on January 2021, as well as some of the most enticing trailers from this month’s offerings.

See All The Released Photos From The Upcoming Netflix Movie ‘He’s All That’

We’re counting down to He’s All That. We can’t wait to see Addison Rae in her first movie role, but also, we’re obsessed with Tanner Buchanan so there is that too. Cobra Kai is a great show and they definitely…

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