‘Conversations With Friends’ 1×12 Review: “Episode 12”

there is a certain beauty to the madness when someone stops existing and starts living. We’re glad to see Frances living…

‘Conversations With Friends’ 1×11 Review: “Episode 11”

They say that the truth will set you free, but we say when someone else tells your truth it will send you into a tailspin.

‘Conversations With Friends’ 1×10 Review: “Episode 10”

When someone says “can we talk” the answer forever and always will be no. Don’t give me that kind of anxiety. But Frances… she said sure

‘Conversations With Friends’ 1×09 Review: “Episode 9”

We never thought we’d say this, but Bobbi is the MVP friend and we all need a friend like Bobbi in our lives. One that’s there for us.

‘Conversations With Friends’ 1×08 Review: “Episode 8”

Heartbreaks. Arguments. Jealousy. Anger. The 8th episode of #ConversationsWithFriends had it all.

‘Conversations With Friends’ 1×07 Review: “Episode 7”

It’s as if Nick and Frances see all the red flags, but are blind to them. They’re really starting to frustrate us, if we’re being honest.

‘Conversations With Friends’ 1×06 Review: “Episode 6”

Frances has a health scare, a family scare, friendship scares, and well finally finds some courage.

‘Conversations With Friends’ 1×05 Review: “Episode 5”

Love is a pretty tricky thing, but then again, so are relationships. Navigating them both is a never ending barrage of lessons.

‘Conversations With Friends’ 1×04 Review: “Episode 4”

Croatia wouldn’t be the place that we would go when it’s with the man you had an affair with & his wife, but hey, maybe that’s just us

‘Conversations With Friends’ 1×03 Review: “Episode 3”

Sex can make everything confusing and can cause an over thinker to OVERTHINK. Shit is really complicated between Frances and Nick!

‘Conversations With Friends’ 1×02 Review: “Episode 2”

We can see why Frances feels awkward around people, because her parents are just not nurturing.

‘Conversations With Friends’ 1×01 Review: “Episode 1”

#ConversationsWithFriends is now streaming on #Hulu and we’re breaking down episode by episode.

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Hulu Gives Sally Rooney’s ‘Conversations With Friends’ Straight To Series Commitment

I will die on the hill that Normal People is one of the best shows of this past year and yet, I know people will take that and say that there wasn’t a lot of shit that came out this…

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