Disney+ has The Right Stuff. I had to make that pun. I just had to. I ain’t even sorry. We’re not getting much in the way of TV news lately, and we don’t even know what – if any – new stuff we’ll get this fall, so at least there’sRead More →

We’re mostly pretending that 2020 isn’t happening, because it’s pretty much sucked. However, in the midst of all the suckage, we have something to look forward to. Disney+ has released the trailer for the day that we are looking forward to – the day that Disney+ releases Hamilton for usRead More →

Disney+ really, really likes us. Or it really, really wants us to get their service, which hey, means they’re doing things to make us like them, which we’re not really complaining about, because Hamilton. The movie! Or, you know, the movie which is actually filmed performances of the Broadway hit,Read More →

The Evil Queen

The evolution in the portrayal of “selfish” female Disney characters is a worthy case study for how the feminist movement has progressed over the seventy-five years from Snow White to Frozen; the operative definition of selfish from Merriam-Webster being, “concerned excessively or exclusively for oneself.” Each “selfish” female character embodiesRead More →

Percy Jackson. Now, I am one of the few people in the world that didn’t mind the movies. Sure, the books deserved better, but I am used to not expecting much about adaptations. That all being said am I excited that Rick Riordan announced that an adaptation of the seriesRead More →

Who doesn’t love a good Disney movie? I do. They remind me of being a kid and feeling like I could conquer the world. Also the belief that I could be a Disney star and that the Mickey Mouse Club was in my future. Never mind the fact that IRead More →

Jane the Virgin may be ending, but that just means that there is the chance to see the cast in other projects and we’re okay with that. Gina Rodriguez has a new role coming up. The actress will be playing the President of The United States. The actress will takeRead More →

We’re excited for Julie Murphy. The author’s newest book, Dear Sweet Pea, has been optioned by Disney. The book is on Disney Channel Original Movie slate. If you aren’t familiar with Julie’s works, you need to pick up Dumplin’ and watch the adaptation on Netflix. She’s an amazing writer. IfRead More →

We may be waiting awhile for the movies that we want, but we understand why. Coronavirus will keep us out of theaters for awhile – partly because they are closed and partially because of fear. I admit it. Disney-Pixar is getting us all excited to go to the movies thoughRead More →

We are all honest with each other, right? That being said, who among us would ever want to return to high school? If you raised your hand, then you are lying. You may not know that you are lying, but you are. High School is some of the best timesRead More →

🎶Let it go, let it go 🎶 I think all of us have danced around a little singing that song at the top of our lungs and not cared about what anyone thought about us being out carefree self. Disney released the trailer for the sequel to Frozen this AMRead More →