Austin Butler Talks About How He Put On Weight To Play Elvis

Never thought that someone could make us not want to have ice cream, but here we are

‘Elvis’ Review: Mostly Fit for a King

The King of Rock and Roll shakes up the big screen in Elvis, a worthwhile piece of entertainment for your summer.

See Kacey Musgraves Video For ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ From The “Elvis” Soundtrack

We’re obsessing over #Elvis and can’t wait to see the movie. This latest song release of #CantHelpFallingInLove has us even more excited.

Austin Butler Talks About His ‘Elvis’ Accent

It makes sense why the Elvis accent comes out when Austin Butler is talking from time to time. Read what he had to say about it here!

See Austin Butler At The London Premiere Of ‘Elvis’ & On ‘CBS This Morning’

Austin Butler. *bites fist*. That’s the article. That’s the tweet.

Austin Butler Talks About Putting His Life On Hold To Play Elvis

Austin Butler basically put his life on hold for 2 years to embrace playing Elvis. And how did he feel about it?

Austin Butler Was Rushed To The Hospital The Day After ‘Elvis’ Wrapped

We’ve been Austin Butler fans forever. We’re counting down the days to #Elvis and taking in all the press that he’s doing.

Warner Bros. Releases New Trailer For Elvis

With everything that they put out for #Elvis we get more and more excited for the movie. See the latest trailer which premiered as Cannes.

The Latest Posters For ‘Elvis’ Have Us Even More Excited For The Film

We’re so in love with the latest posters from Elvis. Look, we didn’t know that Austin Butler as Elvis was what we needed, but Baz Luhrman did and what we’ve learned is in Baz we trust. Elvis, which is expected…

More Photos Released From ‘Elvis’

It says a lot about the upcoming Elvis movie that the Presley family is saying amazing things about the movie and Austin Butler’s performance as the superstar. Lisa Marie Presley said that she has seen the movie twice now and…

See The Latest Released Pictures From ‘Elvis’

We had to do a double check when we saw these new pictures from Elvis. Austin Butler is sexy AF and captures #Elvis perfectly!

See An All New Clip From ‘Elvis’

We’re so excited for #Elvis and can’t wait to see this film! This all new clip had us saying yes to the wiggle!

The First Trailer For ‘Elvis’ Is Finally Here!

Life is all about the things that give you goose bumps. And this trailer, definitely gives us goose bumps. See the trailer for #Elvis

Baz Luhrmann Gives The World The First Look At Austin Butler As ‘Elvis’

We finally have a release date for #Elvis and our #TomHanks and #AustinButler loving hearts are fucking happy!

Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis Biopic To Resume Filming

National treasure Tom Hanks has returned to Australia to film the Elvis biopic and I am gonna need to know he’s okay.

Elvis’s Mother Has Been Cast in the Baz Luhrmann Movie

I love casting news. I feel like every time I see a cast come together, I can visualize a movie or television show come together. Austin Butler, Tom Hanks, and Rufus Sewell are all starring in the Baz Luhrmann directed…

Elvis Presley’s Dad Cast in Upcoming Baz Luhrmann Pic

We’re excited for the upcoming  Baz Luhrmann movie, Elvis. Seeing Austin Butler as a young Elvis is going to be AMAZING. But as we all know there is more than one person in a movie and also that people come…

Austin Butler As Elvis Presley? YES PLEASE!

I was a big fan of The Carrie Diaries, partially because of Austin Butler. There is something that is charismatic as fuck about him. You stare at him and you want to fantasize about him. And that’s only going to…

The Second Trailer For ‘Priscilla’ Is Really, Actually Good

When it comes to movies about Elvis, they seem to be everywhere these days. We’re not complaining though, being as we definitely love The King and hey, Elvis will always be The King. There is a new movie about Elvis……

Austin Butler & David Beckham On A Road In Canada And Here’s A Video Of It

Things that we never thought we’d see… David Beckham and Austin Butler lifting a tree to let a car through…

‘Zoey 102’: Tagline, Teaser Poster, & First Look Released

While we want to love the return of Zoey 101 in any way, shape or form, we have to admit that we’re on the fence. Many would think that has to do with Jamie Lynn Spears and the way we’re…