‘Taking The Reins’ Movie Review: A Movie That Succeeds Despite It’s Leading Actress

Oh Hallmark, sometimes I love you, sometimes I don’t understand you. I also don’t understand myself cause I kinda liked #TakingTheReins

Will Florence Pugh Take On The Role Of Madonna?

Madonna is writing and directing her own “visual autobiography”, but the question is – will Florence Pugh play her?

Billie Eilish Talks About Her Issue With The Word “Fan”

fan is definitely a weird word. it’s so simple and yet so complex. but what’ is Billie Eilish’s issue with the word?

‘Scenes From A Marriage’ 1×01: Innocence and Panic

#ScenesFromAMarriage feels intrusive – as if we’re watching a real life couples most intimate moments. And that’s kind of the beauty of it.

See The Trailer For Bravo’s ‘Winter House’

We’re going to need answers. Like why are all these women falling head over feet for Austen? #WinterHouse please explain!

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Will Hit Theaters In 2022

Everything is shifting in the pandemic and we’ve come to expect it. But we’re okay with it, because #TopGunMaverick needs to be in theaters.

Simu Liu is a Marvel Star of the People

I don’t often watch late-night talk shows — let alone when they air live on television. And, when I do, I don’t usually feel the urge to cry. This is especially so when considering the comedic, light-hearted tone many of…

The Cast Of ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ Talks About The Meaning Of “You Will Be Found”

“There’s a loneliness problem in the world, and I think the song you will be found hits that note hard” – Ben Platt.

Lizzo Responds To A Fans Tik Tok And It Is Genius

If you aren’t following Lizzo on social media you are missing out on a good time.

BTS Postpones ‘Map Of The Soul’ Tour For The Second Time

We appreciate those that are postponing concerts and everything else and remembering that we are in a pandemic. So thank you BTS!

Dolly Parton Talks About The Credit She Gets For Helping To Fund The Moderna Vaccine

Dolly Parton may think she gets more credit than she deserves for investing in the Moderna vaccine, but we don’t think she gets enough.

Where To Follow The Cast Of ‘Gossip Girl’ On Social Media

Where can you find the cast of the new Gossip Girl on social media? Here’s all the info, so you can check them out during the break.

Suki Waterhouse Wasn’t Happy About The ‘Gossip Girl’ Line About Her

We get both sides of this conversation, but then again we aren’t in it. Was the comment about Suki & R-Patz relationship that bad? What are your thoughts?

Amazon Studios’ The Lord of the Rings Original Series Will Premiere September 2, 2022

The new Amazon Lord of the Rings series will premiere on September of next year, and here’s the first look picture!

Issac Powell Joins The Cast Of ‘And Just Like That…’

What we have learned is that we need to pay attention to Broadway stars, because we have been missing out. But, we’re excited to see this one on our TV!

Lizzo Is All Of Us In Her Latest Instagram Live

Lizzo reminds people that there is still a pandemic happening and we should not be playing fast and loose with it. Keep your 6 feet from her (and us too)

NSYNC Once Again Forgets Not Everything Has To Be On The Internet

The men of NSYNC are really, really hoping to remain relevant, but what some are proving is their desperation for attention. And it’s sad.

Quarantine Taught Us An Appreciation For Baking Shows

Quarantine taught us an appreciation for baking show and we’re gonna be watching this one. Probably while eating baked goods. Seriously.

Simone Biles Had A Familiar DWTS Help With A New Floor Routine

Simone vs. Herself is a great watch (even though we hate FB). See who helped her choreograph her latest routine. It’s a name you may recognize

Melissa McCarthy Is Just The Best Friend Ever

This is some serious good friend shit and we know we’re bad friends, cause we’d never be in front of or in a Wienerschnitzel

Why You Need To Watch ‘Young Royals’ On Netflix

Young Royals is a show that I probably never would have come across if not for social media. You know how, every once in a while, there’s a show that’s suddenly all over your tumblr dash, and you think, what…