Justin Beiber To Release New Music This Month

It’s a countdown! Justin Beiber has announced a new album is coming! We’re so excited!

Justin Beiber Made Me Cry This Morning With ‘Lonely’

Justin Beiber made me cry this morning with his new song, Lonely. I admit it.

Justin Beiber Goes Naked On Clash Magazine Cover

Justin Beiber never seems to amaze us. We have a relationship where we don’t want to like him, but as every day passes we find more and more reasons to like him. The thing is – you can say whatever…

Justin Bieber Reveals Where He Would Never Get A Tattoo

Where would you never get a tattoo? I mean there are a lot of options where to get them, but where is an absolute nope? Justin Bieber tells his.

Justin Bieber Releases A New Song And Music Video, “Hold On”

Justin Bieber Releases A New Song And Music Video, “Hold On”

Justin Bieber Releases New Song, “Anyone”

Justin Beiber keeps getting better and better with his music. His latest song, ANYONE, has us listening on repeat.

Justin Bieber Reveals He’s Had Suicidal Thoughts In The Past

I have to say that my love for Justin Bieber keeps growing because of his openness to the world.

Justin & Hailey Bieber Have A Facebook Watch Show

If we’re being honest, I am enamored with the Beibers. I think that Justin and Hailey are fascinating. But I think part of that is that they are putting themselves out there like never before. Justin and Hailey Bieber have…

‘Justin Bieber: Seasons’ To Premiere On YouTube Originals

Justin Beiber is making a comeback. Though, if we’re being honest, I feel like he’s one of those timeless voices/celebrities that never left and will never leave. And I’m good with that. The singer a new YouTube Originals docu-series called…

Read The Lyrics To Selena Gomez’s ‘Lose You To Love Me’

Selena Gomez’s new song has been on repeat in my house all morning. Lose You To Love Me is Selena Gomez’s new single and most people are speculating that it’s about Justin Beiber. And to be honest, I don’t give…

Hailey Bieber Talks About That 2018 Timeline…

We knew that when the teaser for #CallHerDaddy had Hailey Bieber talking about 2018 and the Jelena relationship the internet would lose it.