‘Emily In Paris’ Star Lily Collins Has Signed On For A New Limited Series

Lily Collins has signed on for a new project and you know… we’ll watch whatever she does. This limited series sounds interesting. We’ll watch!

Lily Collins Posts A Touching Tribute For Her Dads Birthday

we love it when people spread love and put positive heartfelt messages to others. lily collins message to her dad was beautiful.

Lily Collins Explained Why Covid-19 Isn’t Part Of The ‘Emily In Paris’ Storyline

Why isn’t COVID part of the storyline for #EmilyInParis? Lily Collins explains why.

Lily Collins Gets Asked About Season Two Of ‘Emily In Paris’

Kinda love it so much that Lily Collins gets asked the most about season 2 of ‘Emily In Paris’ here…

Lily Collins Talks About Her Character In ‘Emily In Paris’

Do you think that Lily Collins character in #EmilyInParis is annoying? She addresses peoples opinions about the character!

Lily Collins Is Filming The Second Season Of ‘Emily In Paris’

We’re following everything that has to do with the filming of season 2 of Emily in Paris. We’re loving the pics coming out of France.

‘Emily In Paris’ – Lily Collins Tells The World How Old Emily Is

Look, I don’t believe that Emily from #EmilyInParis is this young. I am just saying.

Lily Collins And Ashley Park To Star In ‘Emily In Paris’

Paris. I love Paris. It’s one of my favorite cities in the world. So, it’s no shocker that I am looking forward to a television show set in Paris that stars Lily Collins. Have you heard of Emily in Paris?…

See The Trailer for Lily Collins Movie, ‘To The Bone’

We know that this came out a few days ago and we are sorry we missed it. You all should know we’d follow Lily Collins anywhere – because she’s the OG Clary Fray. But we also feel that this film,…

‘Emily in Paris’ Will Come To Netflix This Fall

Paris is my second favorite city on the planet. Lily Collins os one of my favorite people. Emily in Paris will be my thing.

Lets Talk About The Season 3 ‘Emily In Paris’ Trailer

There is so much to unpack over the season 3 trailer for #EmilyInParis and if we’re being honest, we’re just afraid of what is going to happen.

Netflix Releases Teaser For ‘Emily In Paris’ & Announces Premiere Date at TUDUM

We know what we’re going to be doing this holiday season, because this teaser has made us even more excited for #EmilyInParis. See it here!

The First Pictures From Season 3 Of ‘Emily In Paris’ Have Us Excited!

We’re trash for #EmilyInParis and we can’t wait to see what happens this upcoming season! See the released pics for the Netflix show!

The First Table Read Of ‘Emily In Paris’ Season 3 Has Happened

Season 3 of #EmilyInParis is one step closer to our screens. The cast has hit Paris and the first table read has happened.

‘Windfall’ Review: The Thrill is Gone

A good hostage drama hasn’t come along in quite a while, and if you add robbery into the mix, the thrills need to be distinctive for the film to make an impact. The inherent drama of a group of people…

An Audrey Hepburn Biopic Is In The Works

We love Audrey Hepburn. We have always thought she was so gorgeous, and all of her films are amazing. Not only was she a film icon, but she was also an advocate for children’s rights, becoming UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassador in…

‘Emily In Paris’ 2×10 Review: “French Revolution”

Talk about an ending. What a cliffhanger. So many changes happening in Paris. What choice will Emily make?

‘Emily In Paris’ 2×09 Review: “Scents and Sensibility”

Life is really fucking complicated, but that’s why you have to do your best to keep complications to a minimum and keep complications apart. There is no way in hell that I would let parts of my life meet other…

‘Emily In Paris’ 2×08 Review: “Champagne Problems”

As we get deeper and deeper into the second season of #EmilyInParis, one thing remains – Cami’s family has issues.

‘Emily In Paris’ 2×06: “Boiling Point”

Alfie, you’re making us like you and we’re not sure we like it. It’s Emily & Gabriel forever. That’s what we want. Right?

‘Emily In Paris’ 1×05 Review: “An Englishman In Paris”

Season 2 of #EmilyInParis is a lot of messing with emotions & Cami takes the cake this episode. We’re so mad at her & her Mama.