‘Love Victor’ 1×02 Photos: “Spotlight Party”

This week, Love, Victor premieres and we can’t wait. The second episode of the season is entitled “Spotlight Party” and the photos put a smile on our face. In the episode, “After news of his Ferris wheel ride with Mia,…

‘Love, Victor’ Renewed For Season Three By Hulu

Season 3 of #LoveVictor is coming and we can’t wait! We need to know whose door Victor was at. Like we REALLY need to know.

‘Love, Victor’ 2×01 Pictures: “Perfect Summer Bubble”

We’re counting down to June 11th and the return of #LoveVictor. See the photos from the season premiere

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Michael Cimino Talks About Preparing For His Role in ‘Love, Victor’

Love, Simon was a movie that changed us and we’re so excited that the stories from that universe are not over yet. If you’re like us, you’ve been spending your time binging Love, Victor on Hulu and hanging on every…

‘Love, Victor’ 1×05 Photos: “Sweet Sixteen”

The photos for the fifth episode of Love, Victor are here. The title for the episode is “Sweet Sixteen” and here’s how it’s described,  “With tensions high at home, Victor lets his family throw him a birthday party.” See the…

‘Love, Victor’ 1×04 Photos: “The Truth Hurts”

I never like it when a title is “The Truth Hurts” because that means that shit is gonna be painful. At least that’s what it is most of the time. The fourth episode of Love, Victor is about, “Victor and…

‘Love, Victor’ 1×03 Photos: “Battle of the Bands”

Are you excited for Love, Victor? We are. And all of the pictures that Hulu has been releasing has us even more on edge, waiting for the show. The photos for episode 1×03, “Battle of the Bands”, were released and…

See The Trailer For ‘Love, Victor’

Hulu is giving us all the feels with the trailer for Love, Victor. The series is based off of Love, Simon – which was one of the best movies that we had seen in a long time and that was…

New Promo Images for ‘Love, Victor’ on Hulu

It’s been quite sometime since we’ve been this excited about a television show. Love, Simon was one of the best movies that we had seen in a long time and the book Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda was absolutely…

See The First Look At Hulu’s ‘Love, Victor’

The Simonverse makes me happy. We’ve been looking forward to the upcoming Love, Victor and this weekend a first look at the upcoming Hulu series was released. Based in the world of Love, Simon, Michael Cimino will be playing the…

‘Love, Victor’ Moves From Disney+ to Hulu

Sometimes it concerns me what Disney considers “family friendly” and what it doesn’t. I think sometimes that that they don’t realize that there are a lot of things that are family friendly and don’t need to go under the 1950’s…

23 Times We Loved Victoria Beckham’s Style on Instagram

We’ve always loved Victoria Beckham. Who doesn’t? The Spice Girls are life. But one thing that we have always loved about Victoria is her sense of fashion. Yes we know that she’s a designer and that by default, tells us…

‘The Crown’ 5×01 Review: “Queen Victoria Syndrome”

The Crown kicks off with the drama dialed up to 11, with 5×01, ‘Queen Victoria Syndrome’. Read on for a full review!

Guest Post: Duality in Victorian Morality by Amalie Howard

We’re hosting author Amalie Howard to discuss the issue of Victorian morality, as it relates to our favorite genre — romance.

Sara Bennett Wealer Talks ‘Grave Things Like Love’ and Tackling A Character With Anxiety

Sara Bennett Wealer talked to Fangirlish about her book “Grave Things Like Love” and writing a character with anxiety.

Book Review: ‘Blade Breaker’ By Victoria Aveyard

Victoria Aveyard, author of BookTok’s favorite Red Queen, has done it again with her latest book Blade Breaker.

Scott Evans Joins The Cast Of ‘With Love’

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Exclusive Interview: Adam Demos and Victoria Justice

When you get five minutes to talk to Adam Demos & Victoria Justice, naturally we talk about sheep

Darren Barnet Is Victoria’s Secret First Hired Male Model…

Darren Barnet becomes Victoria’s Secret first hired male model for their Gender Neutral line. Love him, but they missed the mark.

See The First Look At Victoria Justice & Adam Demos Rom-Com ‘A Perfect Pairing’

We love a movie about a girl boss and we love a rom-com. The first look pics of #APerfectPairing make us excited to see this film!