Netflix Gave The World The Gift Of ‘The Night Agent’ Trailer

Gabriel Basso may be our new crush and we’re not ashamed. We blame Netflix & this trailer for #TheNightAgent

Netflix ‘Florida Man’ Sets a Premiere Date and an Intriguing Teaser

Florida Man is the next Netflix release we’re looking forward to. It’s dark, gruesome, full of shadows, and a really interesting story.

6 Underrated Monster Movies on Netflix You Should Watch

Love monster movies but need a little refresher or something new? Here are 6 underrated ones to check out on Netflix.

Netflix’s ‘The Night Agent’ Has a Premiere Date – And A Teaser

Netflix’s The Night Agent has a premiere date and a teaser — and we gotta say, we’re truly intrigued by this show.

Benedict Cumberbatch To Star In Netflix’s ‘Eric’

Benedict Cumberbatch will be starring in a new Netflix limited series, and we have to admit we’ll be watching it.

Netflix’s ‘Sex/Life’ Has a Premiere Date

Sex/Life Season 2 has a release date, a teaser trailer and first-look images. Here’s to the show surprising us in different ways.

Have You Ever Seen Anything More Chaotic Than Netflix’s ‘Perfect Match’?

If your answer is somehow yes, we’re gonna need to TALK. Because there’s high drama — and a great deal of chaos — just in the trailer for Netflix’s new reality show Perfect Match. And hey, we don’t actually think…

‘Gunther’s Millions’ Will Kick Off February For Netflix In Bizarre Style

February is for all things love, so, is Gunther’s Millions Netflix’s idea of a show for “dog lovers”? Little weird there…

Netflix Renews ‘The Recruit’ For A Second Season

A second season of #TheRecruit? Yes please. Thank you for not cancelling this one, Netflix. We fear you & your want to cancel everything after a first season.

Netflix’s Newest Reality Guilty Pleasure is ‘The Perfect Match’

Netflix’s The Perfect Match is either going to be the best reality show ever, or total chaos. Or possibly both. But we’ll be watching.

Netflix Dropped The ‘Wednesday’ Season 2 Announcement: So, Now What?

Netflix has announced Wednesday season 2, which is probably the least surprising thing ever. And yet, we’re still excited.

Netflix Releases A Recap Video Of The First Season Of ‘Ginny& Georgia’

Are you getting yourself ready for the return of #GinnyAndGeorgia? Netflix has made it easy with this recap video of season 1..

Netflix Releases First Look Photos For Season 3 Of ‘Outer Banks’

2023 is being kind to us! Netflix just dropped the first look, key art, and the premiere date for #OBX3!

Netflix Releases First Look Pictures For ‘Your Place Or Mine’

These pics for #YourPlaceOrMine has us so excited for the film. They had us at Reese Witherspoon, enticed us with Ashton Kutcher & kept us with all this greatness!

‘I Believe in Santa’ Is Pure Netflix Ridiculousness

Netflix’s I Believe in Santa is pure Netflix ridiculousness — but don’t we also enjoy that? We’ve got layers!

Netflix Releases Trailer For The Second Half Of ‘Harry & Meghan’

“They were happy to lie to protect my brother but weren’t willing to tell the truth to protect us.”

Netflix Releases Trailer for ‘Treason’

Netflix has released a trailer for mini-series Treason, led by Daredevil’s own Charlie Cox, and we’re intrigued by the spy thriller.

The Internet Agrees That the Troll in Netflix’s ‘Troll’ Did Nothing Wrong

The internet really has coming together to support the Troll in Netflix’s Norwegian monster movie. Because he did nothing wrong.

Netflix Releases Trailer For ‘Harry & Meghan’ Documentary

Their story told on their terms Netflix has released the full trailer for #HarryAndMeghan, as well as the release dates.

Netflix Reveals ‘Luther’s First Look and We’re In!

Idris Elba joins Netflix with Luther, his new movie, of which the streaming service released the first look and promises to be a bombshell.

Netflix Cancels ‘Partner Track’ After One Season

you had one job netflix… one. and you failed at this one. #partnertrack deserved more.