‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’ Comeback? Holiday Movie On Roku Likely

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is coming back! Yes, that’s right, the critically acclaimed drama is getting a holiday movie on Roku.

‘The Demi Lovato Show’ Heading To The Roku Channel

#DemiLovato has a short form talk show coming to The Roku Channel, and we have to admit, we’re into it. Read more about it!

Robbie Amell To Star In ‘Float’

Robbie Amell is going to be in a new movie, so we’ll read the book and watch cause it’s Robbie Amell

Peacock is Available Today: Here’s What to Expect

It’s Peacock’s time to shine. Am I the only one that’s starting to feel like we ask the same question every few months: Do we really need a new streaming service? The answers to this question have been mixed: Not…

See all the movie and TV panels coming to ‘Comic-Con @ Home’

Here’s a look at all the movie and TV panels coming to ‘Comic-Con @ Home.’

Summer 2020 TV: Here Are All the Premiere Dates

At some point we’ll get new TV. We’re just not sure when that’ll be, or what form it will take when we do get it. But we do know that some things were already filmed before the coronavirus pandemic shut…

See The Trailer for Quibi’s New Show, ‘Royalties’

I wonder why it is that Quibi is almost always in the palm of my hand and yet, I haven’t been watching a lot lately? I love it, it doesn’t take up an immense amount of my time and I…

See Behind The Scenes of ‘Swimming With Sharks’

I love Quibi. I really do. I haven’t had a chance to watch it lately, but that’s because I have been binge watching everything On Demand, because people have gotten me into watching Chicago P.D. and trying to understand the…

‘The Stranger’ 1×11 Review: “5:00 AM”

In the 11th episode of “The Stranger,” Carl E doesn’t realize that not breaking Clare, he’s strengthening her to ultimately take him down.

‘The Stranger’ 1×10 Review: “4:00 AM”

For the last nine episodes of Quibi’s The Stranger, I’ve been left wondering a very simple, but important question: “Why?” And I finally got the answer to that question in the 10th episode.

‘The Stranger’ 1×09 Review: “3:00 AM”

Honestly, I don’t know what to believe after this ninth hour. And I’m pretty sure that’s the point. With just four episodes left, we’ll get answers soon enough.

‘The Stranger’ 1×08 Review: “2:00 AM”

In seven episodes, Quibi’s The Stranger has freaked me out a great deal. Every. Single. Time. And yet, I wasn’t as freaked out as I was until the start of this eighth hour, which consisted of a dark tunnel and…

‘Survive’ Episode 11, “A Hundred Echoes”

Who would have thought 8 or so minutes of no spoken words could captivate you? I wouldn’t. I mean yes, I like silence, but not when I am watching television. When I am watching television or streaming, I am always…

‘The Stranger’ 1×07 Review: “1:00 AM”

Remember when I mentioned that I wasn’t terrified for the first time watching Quibi’s The Stranger? Yeah, well, that feeling lasted a single episode as the seventh hour left me with chills running down my spine.

See The Trailer for Quibi’s “Cup of Joe”

My Jonas Brothers loving heart is happy. Not only is Happiness Continues airing on Amazon, we’ve received the trailer for Cup of Joe and we’re thrilled. If you aren’t familiar with the show, Cup of Joe features Joe Jonas as…

‘Survive’ Episode 10, “What Does This Say About You?”

I will give Quibi this – they aren’t afraid to go there. They see something and they go for it. They are going to take chances. They are going to make sure that if there is blood – you see…

‘The Stranger’ 1×06 Review: “12:00 AM”

For perhaps the first time since watching Quibi’s The Stranger, I left this hour feeling not absolutely terrified. Rather, I felt empowered. Hopeful that maybe — just maybe — Clare will be able to come out of this alive.

‘Survive’ Episode 9, “Exit Strategy”

Survival. It’s this weird thing in life when you find a will to survive that you never knew you needed or that you had. For Jane and Paul, they’ve found a will. And they have found that in each other.…

‘Survive’ Episode 8, “The Weight”

Secrets. Memories. Moments. They all carry a certain weight on our souls. They change us. They move us. They destroy us. And sometimes they make us a stronger person. When it comes to Jane and Paul, the two have yet…

‘Survive’ Episode 7, “I Can’t Hear You”

As you may recall in the last episode, Jane and Paul jumped off the side of a cliff – as one does when your plane crashes on the top of what seems like the worlds tallest mountain. Personally, I thought…

‘The Stranger’ 1×05 Review: “11:00 PM”

The one thing I’ve grown more aware of since watching Quibi’s The Stranger is that we’re being watched. All of those cameras — on our laptops, our phones, security cameras — in the wrong hands can be dangerous as hell.