‘Mean Girls’ Has a New Movie…and New Cast!

Mean Girls is an iconic movie. A new project related to the film begins to take shape. Do you want to know more? Keep reading!

Pixar Has A New Short Coming To Disney+

Soul was one of my favorite movies of the past year, so I was excited to see that Pixar has a new short coming based off 22 from the movie. 22 VS. EARTH will air on Disney+ and Tina Fey…

Daniel Breaker Joins The Cast Of ‘Girls5Eva’

Hollywood is on a role, announcing cast members after wrapping on a show. Girls5Eva has announced that Daniel Breaker joined the cast!

Minnie Driver Joins The Cast Of The Second Season Of ‘Modern Love’

We loved the first season of #ModernLove. We’re excited for the second season and the first cast member has been announced.

‘Mr Mayor’ Shows What a Good Cast Can’t Do

There’s a lot of talent behind NBC’s new comedy, Mr. Mayor. Unfortunately, the pieces fail to ever completely come together.

Disney+ Releases ‘Soul’ Movie Pictures

Disney Pixar’s Soul is coming to Disney+ on Christmas! Here’s all the information we have on it.

Disney-Pixar Shares A Sneak Peek of ‘Soul’

We may be waiting awhile for the movies that we want, but we understand why. Coronavirus will keep us out of theaters for awhile – partly because they are closed and partially because of fear. I admit it. Disney-Pixar is…

See The Trailer for Quibi’s “Cup of Joe”

My Jonas Brothers loving heart is happy. Not only is Happiness Continues airing on Amazon, we’ve received the trailer for Cup of Joe and we’re thrilled. If you aren’t familiar with the show, Cup of Joe features Joe Jonas as…

The Poster For ‘Cup of Joe’ with Joe Jonas Released

Quibi has our heart already. We’re ready to devote all of our time to watching the quick bites of television that Quibi has to offer. One of the shows that we are looking forward to the most is the eight…

‘Modern Love’ Renewed For A Second Season

If you haven’t watched Modern Love, you need to. The show, which is airing right now on Amazon Prime is based on the New York Times column of the same name, has been made into eight half hour episodes and…

‘Timeless’ 2×05 Roundtable: “The Kennedy Curse” Part 2

What is this, you ask? More Timeless feels! Well, yes – we have so many of those the roundtables are two parters now! What can I say, that’s what this show does to us, and we’re not even sorry. Don’t…

Chicago P.D. 9×18 Review: “New Guard”

Chicago P.D. 9×18 “New Guard” looks to the future, and establishes the kind of leader Jay Halstead will be one day — hopefully soon.

Tanya Saracho, Gabriela Revilla Lugo & Selena Gomez Developing ’15 Candles’

Normally we may have had somethings to say about a reboot/reconfiguration of something iconic, but with these names behind it, we’re all for it. #15Candles

See The Character Posters for “Hotel Transylvania: Transformania”

Hotel Transylvania: Transformania debuted their character posters and they are all really bright and cute. We love. See them here

10 Extraordinary Books To Read in 2021

Looking for some books to check out in 2021? Here are some extraordinary books that we think you should check out!

5 Things We Learned At The ‘Big Sky’ Paleyfest LA Panel

With COVID-19 still running the show, all of our favorite entertainment public based events we look forward to have gone virtual. The Paleyfest LA ‘Big Sky’ panel, hosted by Entertainment Weekly’s Maureen Lee Lenker, was a fun one to watch.…

‘Big Sky’ 1×07 Review: “I Fall To Pieces”

There is lots to unpack in ‘Big Sky’ “I Fall To Pieces” so, let’s get right to it. He’s Awake Yay… Legarski’s awake, and he seems to have forgotten what he’s done. The first thing he asks his wife Merilee…

Ashley Park Joins The Cast Of Peacocks ‘Girls5Eva’

Count us in for #Girls5Eva, especially with Ashley Park joining the cast.

Halsey’s New Song “Nightmare” is the Female Anthem We Needed

I am a huge Halsey fangirl, so I was seriously anticipating the release of her new song. Halsey’s new track titled Nightmare, released Thursday night alongside a music video to accompany it. Check it out below. I have to say…

'Arrow' 6×23 Review: Let’s Start A New Chapter

Arrow is like the weather. One day it’s sunny skies and breezy, the next it’s either sweltering hot or storming like the apocalypse. You never really know what to expect. Though I blame that on the current (now past) showrunners.…