Prime Video Renews ‘Upload’ For Season 3

A third season of #Upload? Yes please. We’re excited.

‘Upload’ 2×06 Review: “The Outing”

Well we can kinda see why Ingrid is the way she is, because her mama is a straight up b**ch. Read our review of #Upload’s 6th episode

‘Upload’ 1×05 Review: “Mind Frisk”

The most undervalued character in #Upload is Aleesha. She is all of us and we should appreciate her as the goddess she is.

‘Upload’ 2×04 Review: “Family Day”

Nathan knowing that Nora is back made us tear up. She’s gonna be the person to change everything – for everyone. We can feel it

‘Upload’ 2×03 Review: “Robin Hood”

For once, Ingrid is tolerable. But then again, it’s not really Ingrid, so that has helped.

‘Upload’ 2×02 Review: “Dinner Party”

When Noras avatar walked into the dinner party and seeing Nathans face… heart dropped to the floor

‘Upload’ 2×01 Review: “Welcome Back, Mr. Brown”

Well, #Upload has sure set it up so that there will be a lot of chaos and misunderstandings and we’re here for it.

See The Trailer For The Second Season Of ‘Upload’

Season 2 of #Upload is only 7 episodes and we feel like we’re going to need a lot more judging by this trailer. See it here.

Amazon Prime Announces Release Date For Season 2 Of ‘Upload’

#Upload has been one of the best shows that Amazon Prime has made. Luckily we’re getting a second season and it’s coming really soon!

Amazon Prime’s ‘Upload’ Renewed For Season 2

I sat down to watch Upload the other day and barely left the couch. The show was fun, hilarious, and made me think. Also made me want to make sure that my conscious is never uploaded to a computer, and…

See The Trailer and First Photos For Amazon Prime’s ‘Upload’

Can we all just admit that we love Robbie Amell and will watch him in anything? I know it’s just not me. I am learning more and more about television shows coming out – because God knows when we’ll get…

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Prepare yourself for tonights season finale of #FBIInternational with the pics!

Chicago Med 7×22 Preview: “And Now We Come To The End”

Chicago Med 7×22 is titled “And Now We Come to the End” which isn’t like, worrying or anything. Totally normal title to end the season.

Book Review: Desperately Seeking a Duchess by Christi Caldwell

Desperately Seeking a Duchess by Christi Caldwell is a fun and unusual friends-to-lovers romance set in the Regency era.

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NCISLA 13×22 “Come Together” is the perfect Season 13 finale, with milestones for both Densi and Callanna. Plus, no cliffhanger!

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‘Stranger Things’ season 4 is almost here and we’re getting ready with an advanced review full of feels and praise for our favorites.

‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ 1×02 Review: “Episode 2”

Life doesn’t always give you an abundance of happy days, and for some reason we hang onto the bad days more.

‘Conversations With Friends’ 1×12 Review: “Episode 12”

there is a certain beauty to the madness when someone stops existing and starts living. We’re glad to see Frances living…

Chicago P.D. 9×22 Preview: “You and Me”

Chicago P.D. 9×22 “You and Me” will probably mark the end of at least one bad. Is it too much to hope it’s two?

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