Emilia Clarke is coming to a galaxy far, far away. The actress, better known for the role of  Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones, is slated to join the upcoming Han Solo Star Wars movie. No information on who she’ll play has been released yet, but Star Wars.com did say that she’dRead More →

So Henry has grown up. That’s about the only thing that we learned from “I’ll Be Your Mirror.” That and Rumple’s an asshole, but I’m pretty sure we knew that. This is just like the 290472782372th confirmation. And yes, there’s also Hook-can-see-right-through-your-deception, Regina and please, God, NO, DON’T GIVE MERead More →

Funny, I keep thinking of Junot Diaz these days. He has a quote, from his book This is How You Lose Her that has stuck with me, through good times and bad times. It reads: ‘And that’s when I know it’s over. As soon as you start thinking about the beginning,Read More →

Here at Fangirlish we continue to support your right to fangirl over any fandom you desire – whether that is a book, a TV show, a movie, or even sports. That’s why we have  Stop and Fangirl!  So you can feel  happy – and confident, loving whatever it is you love. Join us as we embarkRead More →

There’s a new Rogue One: A Star Wars Story international trailer – and thank the force, it actually contains some new footage. Among the new scenes, more X-Wing dogfighting, battles on the planet Scarif, and extended looks at both Darth Vader and the Death Star, but most importantly, the first look at JynRead More →

That was a twist …wasn’t it? Maybe I’d been lulled into a false sense of security. Maybe I was just too used to the Evil Queen never getting what she wanted. Either way, Once Upon A Time, six seasons in, managed to surprise me in “Heartless.” And that’s a goodRead More →

The playoff picture is looking strange – but hey, at least we have some idea, perhaps, maybe of who we might be seeing come January. The Patriots and the Cowbys are still ahead of  the pack. The Raiders are leading arguably the best division in football, no one seems to wantRead More →

The Evil Queen is back! Oh, you mean she’s been around for a few episodes? Fine, then …the Evil Queen from the Pilot is back.,the one whose happiness was dependant on the death of Snow White. It just so happens that, these days, if you kill Snow, you get bonusRead More →

Supergirl is my fun, relaxing show. And by fun and relaxing I mean, a lot of bad stuff still happens – this is DCTV, after all. There are battles to be fought, lessons to be learned. But, for some reason, I always go into this show thinking that the battlesRead More →

Are you ready for more Timeless? Because we’re getting more! (Though maybe not as much as we wanted – we’re greedy, after all) The show – which has just aired five episodes so far – has been granted a full season pickup by NBC, which in this case means 16Read More →