History has always been something that I am fascinated with – and that’s part of why my love for Timeless runs so deep. Some of the biggest moments played out on TV and though we know that they affected life as we know it – we are able to seeRead More →


The Alamo? Timeless has made it’s way to the Hindenburg, Nazi Germany, and Abraham Lincoln’s assassination – so why not The Alamo. We’re excited to see it. The fifth episode of the show is entitled, “The Alamo”, and airs on Halloween. OUR TEAM ENCOUNTERS COURAGE IN THE FACE OF UNBEATABLERead More →

Overall Rating:  ★★★★.5 Synopsis I’ve become an expert at avoiding things that could hurt me—which means I will figure out how to stay away from Marco Leone. Seventeen-year-old Frankie Devereux would do anything to forget the past. Haunted by the memory of her boyfriend’s death, she lives her life byRead More →

We kinda figured at some point the crew of Timeless would head to Nazi Germany, but we didn’t think that it would be so soon. However, with how much we are loving this show, we are all for it. The synopsis for the fourth episode of Timeless has been releasedRead More →

We love movies. We love comedy. We love movies about relationships. We love the idea of a Do Over. Who doesn’t? To be honest, we love Drew Seeley because of one reason – The Cinderella Story Franchise. Who wouldn’t? You remember the one – with Selena Gomez. He’s now staringRead More →

When I was a kid, I sat in front of the TV with my Grandma watching Dynasty. She would tell me all about how I should never want a life like that – because money is the root of all evil. As I grew up, I learned that with orRead More →

With Fall TV back, we’re ready for our lives to be reprioritized and our rear ends to take a seat on the couch Sunday through Thursday night. One of the shows that we were looking forward to the return of was Younger, and it’s back with a vengeance? But wasRead More →

There are quite a few shows that we are in love with this season – This Is Us, being one of them. The show hits you in the feels – deep in them and takes no prisoners on emotions. NBC has realized that we are all in love with theRead More →

Love. ✅ Lust. ✅ Wealth. ✅ Intrigue. ✅ We’re all about it. Who wouldn’t be? Erin Watt’s third book in The Royals series is hitting shelves, October 17th – which gives us time to reread the first two books in the series – Paper Princess and Broken Prince. Because Twisted Palace looks amazing.Read More →

Mermaids. Look, I want to believe that there would be a good show about mermaids, but – I don’t know how this will work. Will that stop me from watching Freeform’s, The Deep. Nope it won’t. I am intrigued. “The Deep is a dark re-imagining of the classic mermaid mythology.Read More →