Warner Brothers has announced the Fantastic Beasts DVD and Blu-ray release dates and we’re on a count down. March 7, we will have the DVD and the Blu-ray will follow on March 28. We can’t wait. Though we know that there are 5 movies and inevitably one day there willRead More →

Ya, we were kinda mad at Jasper after he broke up with Eleanor, but we got it. We understood. His Dad needs to be found and kicked in the ass. Journalist Harper Day (Margo Stilley) had threatened to tell the world about his past and his relationship with the PrincessRead More →

Queen Bitch wouldn’t know that someone was hurt if it hit her in the face. Literally. E! has released a preview scene from Sunday’s episode and we’re wondering how Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) can not notice that the employee, Spencer Hoenigsberg (Jules Knight), who she’s been hooking up with isRead More →

13 Reasons Why. We feel like we have been waiting forever for the Netflix series. But we finally have more on the series, because Selena Gomez took to Instagram earlier today to share more on the series. And it looks like this series is going to be emotional. Cause thisRead More →

We’ve never made a secret that we’re obsessed with any and all things royal. Whether it be the real royal family or the ones from The Crown, we’re obsessed. As we sit here and eagerly await the second season of The Crown, we’re hanging on any news that we canRead More →

Riverdale has released a third round of character portraits for Riverdale. We have to admit that we are impressed, because you can tell that they really care about this show. And how often does that happen? The show is set to premiere this Thursday on The CW. We can’t waitRead More →

We’ve been waiting for what seems like forever to see The Space Between Us on the big screen. The movie is about Gardener, a boy born on Mars, and Tulsa – the girl on earth he can’t wait to meet and risks his life to get to. STX released aRead More →

I don’t know about you all, but I never watched Power Rangers on TV. I didn’t care. However, the movie – I am all about. It’s probably cause I am a big fan of Elizabeth Banks. But can you blame me there? I can’t pick apart the trailer, because IRead More →

In news of something we didn’t know we wanted or needed, but are so excited about – NBC announced today that Will and Grace is returning. That’s right – Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen will all be returning to your TV. Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Sean Hayes, and Megan MullallyRead More →

  One adaptation that we are looking forward to is Alexandra Bracken’s, The Darkest Minds. The books are so addictive and then you add in the casting of Amandla Stenberg – one can’t go wrong. Earlier, Deadline announced another casting. Harris Dickinson has been added to the cast to playRead More →

We’ve already covered why we are Team Charles, but hey – that doesn’t mean that we don’t realize just how great Josh is. We love Josh. We feel bad for Josh and all the things that he has gone through. He’s been supportive of Liza, until he couldn’t be anymore.Read More →