Waking up 90 years too early? I feel like that every morning when the alarm goes off and I have to get up for work. Don’t care what anyone says – sleep is awesome? Well except if you are on a sinking ship to Mars – then waking up isRead More →

You say Timeless and we are all ears. We can’t stop ourself from taking in every word that we can when it comes to our favorite show. Timeless has cast a familiar face (well familiar if you watch Mr. Robot) to play a character that we all know. Who isRead More →

I can remember being a little kid, at home, sitting on my Grandma’s lap watching the Wizard of Oz every year. I was always fascinated with Dorothy – thought she was bad ass. Why? Cause if I was lost and a Lion was scared, I would be hiding under theRead More →

It’s almost December 4th and we’re looking for it for one reason and one reason only – the return of The Royals. We’re ready for the chaos of the British Monarchy (it’s a fake one, but we’re okay with that), but we are so looking forward to this. We thoughtRead More →

As Outlander continues to film Season 3, there is no surprise that more castings are announced. The roles of Geneva Dunsany and Isobel Dunsany have been cast. Outlanders, let’s raise a glass to @Hannah_james_44 as Geneva and @TanyaLReynolds as Isobel. We welcome them to the #Outlander family. pic.twitter.com/qJLqwSzKH7 — OutlanderRead More →

With all the changes coming to Book Expo, BookCon is going to be a more sought after ticket than ever. We’re excited. Yes, we’re excited for BookCon. Why? Because two of the authors announced are our favorites. The Da Vinci Code’s Dan Brown and author of The Mortal Instruments series,Read More →

I have always been fascinated by royalty. Sometimes I think that all little girls are – the idea of a falling in love with a Prince, becoming a Princess… it’s the age old fairytale that we somehow find ourselves wanting to live out. Now, I watch shows like The RoyalsRead More →

We love books. We especially love books from people we admire, people that have built a name for themselves, people that are part of pop culture. There is something about Lucky Blue that makes you want to stare into his eyes and just stare. No words needed. Just have aRead More →

While we sit back and wait for the live action Beauty and the Beast, Disney has decided to up the anty and announce that they are working on a live action Snow White. We’re not talking that Snow White and the Huntsman stuff – we’re talking actual Snow White. Maleficent,Read More →