One thing that we are big believer in is that the author is important. They provide an inside look at the story, the book that they have written, or the script that they have crafted. We’ve always wondered just how involved Suzanne Collins was with The Hunger Games and thanksRead More →


Just when we thought that Shadowhunters was finding it’s stride – this past weeks episode, Bad Blood, left us with a sour taste in our mouth. While we thought that Alberto gave an epic performance and that Kat’s performance was moving – there was one thing that sent us allRead More →

It’s not too much longer now until Zayn releases his solo album. March 25th is around the corner. But the singer has released the track listing this AM via Instagram. He says that he wrote over 46 tracks for the album – so we’re sure that he narrowed it downRead More →

Nina and Sam’s last stop in New Zealand finds us in the stunning city of Christchurch, where Nina and Sam reunite with many of the friends they’ve made along the way.   Join Nina and Sam on their adventures through New Zealand by following along with the excerpt hop! TheRead More →

If there is anyone in life that can tell you that you can get through anything, that you can be anything – it’s Britney Spears. The woman has overcome everything and lives to show you that you can accomplish anything. Though we may never know everything – well anything thatRead More →

B-Roll footage from Allegiant has been released by Jaguar Film International Distribution. We’re always excited to see behind the scenes. It’s always interesting to be on set and to see the hurry up and wait of film. We’re excited to see what happens in the film. Allegiant hits theaters MarchRead More →

We love her as Nyssa on Arrow, but we have something new to look forward to seeing her on. Katrina Law has been cast in the television adaptation of the 2001 film, Training Day. She will play Rebecca Lee an officer in LAPD’s Special Investigation Section (S.I.S.). She was rescuedRead More →

We love Meghan Trainer and are so excited for new music from the pop star. Her personality is engaging and a lot of fun. The songstress debuted the cover for her upcoming album Thank You on Instagram. “#THANKYOU to all the fans that supported me for so long. Thank youRead More →