Well, it’s that time of year again. Time for the annual crossover between the Arrowverse shows – or three of them this year, at least. Every year, it’s a chance to see all (or, rather, some) of our favorite characters interact on-screen. The annual crossovers, while ambitious, are not withoutRead More →


Since the beginning of the season, one question has hovered over the show like a dark cloud. Why is Nora so cold towards Iris? Her attitude towards her mother was so pronounced, it was impossible to ignore. As such, the answer to that question could make or break the season.Read More →

Todd Hellbing promised that the fifth season of The Flash would focus on family. So far, the season has lived up to the promise. The “Death of Vibe” touched on three father/daughter relationships to varying degrees, and while it felt more like filler than the preceding episodes, a couple ofRead More →

As any Westallen fan – and Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, and Todd Helbing themselves – will tell you, the relationship between Barry Allen and Iris West(-Allen) of The Flash is unique. In a medium that often values drama over strength, love triangles over mutual love and support, they stand apart.Read More →

“The series should just leave the comics storylines to the comics and do their own thing.” “Arrow could change canon! Why doesn’t The Flash?” “Superman should show up more often on Supergirl!” Spend any time around the fandom and you’ll see these kinds of arguments. So why don’t these thingsRead More →

At this year’s San Diego Comic Con, executive producer Todd Hellbing teased that there will be a lot of deaths in The Flash’s fifth season. This will likely be at the hands of Cicada, the season’s Big Bad. In the comics, Cicada targets those the Flash has saved. From ourRead More →

As one can assume we near the release date for the new DC Universe app, new details about expected content are starting to emerge. One surprising piece of news is that a new live-action Stargirl series is in the works, coming from Geoff Johns and Greg Berlanti. Stargirl, a.k.a. Courtney Whitmore,Read More →

The long-awaited first trailer for the Titans series, set to launch the new DC Universe app later this year, was finally released on Thursday. There’s been plenty of speculation about what this series might bring, and the trailer teases more than it actually provides a lot of answers. One thing isRead More →

The fourth season of The Flash left our titular hero in a good place. Having saved the day and stopped the bad guy, and surrounded by the people he loves the most, the season ended on an upbeat note for a change. That doesn’t mean we weren’t left with questions.Read More →

Superhero stories are, hands down, my favorite kinds of stories. They have been for as long as I can remember. There’s something about the dichotomy of good and evil. The comfort of easily identifiable – and often handily dispatched – villains. The idea that there are heroes who will alwaysRead More →

In a recent interview, Grant Gustin revealed that he has been excited for season five of The Flash since the beginning of season four. Now that this season has come to an end, I can’t help but agree with the implication. I, too, am more excited about the fifth seasonRead More →

Finales are always bittersweet. On the one hand, they should (ideally) wrap up loose ends, give ongoing arcs a satisfactory conclusion, and tease fans with hints of what to expect in the future. On the other hand, there’s that long, unforgiving wait between seasons. For the most part “We AreRead More →

The penultimate episode of The Flash’s season four – titled ‘Think Fast’ – wrapped up a few loose threads. And left a good number dangling. A Bad Man’s Bad Plan Unsurprisingly, this season’s Big Bad, DeVoe, had a great deal of focus this episode. Using his Gumby powers to impersonateRead More →

“Harry and the Harrisons,” this week’s episode of The Flash, did very little to move the main plot with DeVoe forward. However, as I think the last part of this season has been trying to course correct certain characters in anticipation of next season, it was not total filler, either. WeRead More →

In The Flash’s episode this week, titled Fury Rogue, there was a lot of good stuff going on for our good guys. There was some interesting stuff going on with our bad guys. And then…then there was some stuff that was neither good nor interesting. In fact, it was justRead More →