Some things were lost in The Flash this week, and some things were…well, no. Things were mostly just lost. Frankly, it’s a good reminder that not all losses are bad. In this case, it got things moving again as we head into the finale and the fourth season of TheRead More →


I wrote before about how fandom can become a negative place when fans confuse the fictional story with behind-the-scenes reality. This week, I want to write about another dark side of fandom: fan entitlement. This tends to rear its ugly head in two ways: fandom gate-keeping and attempts to dictateRead More →

Whatever nefarious thing I did to Alyssa so that I could write the reviews for two of my favorite episodes of the season, she definitely got me back with this episode. I was looking forward to Kevin Smith’s return as director, but – due to no fault of his –Read More →

I love fandom. I love having a place to connect with other people who love what I love. There is just something about joining a community of people, all of whom are invested in the same thing you’re invested in – and who won’t judge you for investing in it.Read More →

I promise I didn’t do anything bad to Alyssa this week, guys! However, when she asked me to review this week’s episode of The Flash, Run Iris Run, how could I resist? Two great episodes in a row, and I get to write about them? Count me in! This was oneRead More →

Alyssa asked me to write the review for The Flash’s episode this week. For the record, nobody can prove I did anything nefarious to her so that I could write a review of what turned out to be one of my favorite episodes of the entire series. And I definitelyRead More →

Most of the DCTV shows – all but Black Lightning to date – work off the same formula. Part of that formula involves the use of a team to support the hero, provide exposition and explanation, and justify the addition of other characters to the cast over time. But teamsRead More →

The annual DCTV crossover may be met with mixed reactions in fandom, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking about ones I would love to see. Some crossovers I would particularly love to see will never happen due to differing networks, show runners, and intellectual properties, but that doesn’t stopRead More →

I’ve written before about the problematic treatment of women on DCTV. The Flarrowverse has some of my favorite shows, but I’ve written before about how more than one woman in this universe deserves better than they’ve been given. However, this week’s episode really reiterated that The Flash has a growing CaitlinRead More →

Countless articles have been written about how Black Lightning has changed the game for DCTV. Starring largely (if not solely) an African-American cast, grounded in the real-world challenges that people of color face today, and with a LGBTQ+ relationship front and center, it certainly isn’t the typical superhero show. NotRead More →

Ever since the “Mixed Signals” episode of this season’s The Flash, there have been people (calling some of them “fans” verges on overstatement) who have taken exception to Iris’s line: “You aren’t the Flash, Barry. We are.” For the past few months, I’ve happily ignored these detractors with little moreRead More →

2017 was filled with movie moments that made us laugh, made us cry, and – occasionally – freaked us the hell out. Below are our top ten best movie moments of the year. Of course, it’s impossible to talk about our favorite moments without some spoilers, so proceed at your own risk!Read More →

Since we’re about halfway through the current seasons of the DCTV shows, it seems a good time to reflect on the best and worst each show has had to offer this year. Well, the second worst, at least. The worst that any of the shows has had to offer thisRead More →

There is nothing quite like the movies. I love sitting in a dark theater with an irresponsibly large bucket of popcorn and a fountain drink that will all but ensure I will be wishing for a bathroom break well before the film ends. And I absolutely adore movies that makeRead More →

Even the best and strongest of female characters can be undermined by sexism and misogyny behind the camera. Executive Producer of The Flash, Andrew Kreisberg, was suspended this week by Warner Brothers following allegations of sexual misconduct. As much as I adore the show, wish I could claim to have been moreRead More →

“Romance is killing the show!” If you’re a fan of any of the DCTV shows (but notably Arrow, The Flash, or Supergirl), you’ve probably come across that sentiment a hundred times online. It isn’t unique to the fandom of the various DCTV shows, but it certainly is prevalent. But doesRead More →

The shared DCTV universe can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, the shared universe allows for massive plot holes. For example, dramatic cliffhangers lose some impact when the easy solution is to call in the super friends for help. On the other hand, the potentialRead More →

In every show I’ve ever loved, there has been at least one woman that has stolen my heart. And in almost every fandom with which I’ve ever been involved, the female characters have been the most controversial and divisive. Sometimes this is an incidental byproduct of competing shipping factions. Sometimes,Read More →

In anticipation of the season premieres, I’ve been going through a series rewatch of all four of the DCTV shows. In retrospect, it would have been wise to start it earlier in the summer. However, in revisiting these shows so intensely (and with so, so much popcorn), it really broughtRead More →

Take it from me – if you want to ask a Westallen fan what they love about their ship, you should have a drink and a snack on hand because it will not be a short conversation. As fans, we love watching love stories, and we certainly love talking aboutRead More →