Let’s take a minute and talk about fandom. We (otherwise known as fans) rally around a show, or a movie, or a band in the way that we rally around all causes. The implicit humanness of the stories, the music, and the people involved make us want to connect andRead More →


We have lost something in the past few years. It is clear in the current fabric of media and journalism that we have lost accountability. We have lost the truth of news meaning anything beyond a quick splash that never truly resonates. We have lost the ability to be takenRead More →

Wynnona Earp is back! Season 2 now has an official premiere date, and I, for one, am super excited. The show will drop on June 9th and the trailer looks pretty bad-ass. Check it out here! Like…whoa, right?! For those of you just coming to the series, Wynonna Earp isRead More →

Sex is a killer. No, not killer as I like to think in the fun, sweaty, panting, orgasm way, but a thing in which the next victim is chosen for the sacrifice of serial killers, psychopaths, and bad TV writers with a grudge. It is irrefutable in most versions ofRead More →

I believe in intersectional feminism. I believe that my privilege is less than a white man’s and greater than a person of color’s, not in fairness, or on purpose, but because systemic conditioning and media saturation has created an environment that reinforces the false idea that our gender, sexuality, orRead More →

The Incomplete Yet Ultimate Guide To Surviving This Political Shit Storm! In no way is this list exhaustive. It is a beginner’s introduction to what you can expect as the world comes to a screaming halt one Cheetos not-president at a time. Should you heed my words, it is quiteRead More →

There are many, many things that can impact the way a woman does her job. Her education level, her ability to multi-task and adapt, her life experiences and the moments she has enabled herself, her intelligence level , the insults and slights she has been forced to endure to makeRead More →

The thing about science is that it’s there, resolute and immutable, whether or not you agree with it. It can be neglected in a corner, told to take a time out, or it can be misunderstood, but it doesn’t go away because we stick our fingers in our ears andRead More →

The Gilmore Girls ran for seven seasons and revealed a world of banter, coffee, and the crazy yet loveable, Stars Hollow residents that have lingered since the show aired its last episode. Rory and Lorelai were part of our worlds and our hearts, but that final seven season wasn’t nearlyRead More →

You’ve done the unimaginable – you’ve written a strong female character, who seems to derive her self-worth, not from the world, but from herself and her choices. This character isn’t necessarily good, or even bad, but she’s strong, opinionated, capable, and isn’t reliant on a man. The terror you feelRead More →

Do you know what’s rare in modern television? Showing a disability story honestly. Too often writers gloss over the negative feelings disabled people may have as they struggle with the traumatic incident that put them in the wheelchair, don’t show the people that surprise you with their overwhelming support andRead More →

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” ¬ Hitler History has words for what has happened to our country. History is marked by the rise of mediocre men yearning for power they do not deserve, finding themselves head of a nationRead More →


Dementors first premiered in J.K Rowling’s 1999 release of the Prisoner of Azkaban. They are soulless beings who feed on the happiness of others, creating a bleak despair that is incapacitating, which is why they are used to guard the prisoners. They are jailers through and through. The marvelous thingRead More →

This article has spoilers. For a book that was published in 1813. One that has spawned numerous movie and television adaptions. Seriously, it’s not my fault if you’re spoiled. But, you know, read ahead at your own risk. A convenient bullet list as to why everyone (Lyra) should read PrideRead More →

Here is the article I’m about to dissect: Fandom is Broken A proper summation of the article in question can be defined in one word – no. But since I have you here, let’s break down why everything he said is wrong, arrogant, and lacks the perspective of inclusiveness andRead More →

How is it that we have actually done worse on a costume than something that came out of the mid-1990s? That is the first question I asked myself when I looked at the Power Rangers movie that is due to be released in 2017. Upgrades are part of the destinyRead More →

Please note, this article has spoilers for Arrow the episode “Eleven-fifty-nine.” Read at your own risk. While everyone is talking about the death – you know the one – I wanted to take a moment to talk about my third favorite badass on the show. There was a pretty bigRead More →