Waking up somewhere unknown is always scary. For a split second you don’t recognize the surroundings. Fear floods through you until you look around and catalog the surroundings. Everything isn’t as scary as it first seemed. You’re in room, or on a bus, or even snuggled up on your couch.Read More →


Heroes and Villains Fanfest (HVFF) promised to be a weekend of panels, fantastic artwork, and meeting up with other lovers of comics/books/movies/television. I had high expectations. Then Blizzard Jonas aka Snowzilla hit the East Coast with a vengeance. He covered everything with copious amounts of fluffy snow and left manyRead More →

“Brahms is a doll. He’s not their real son. He can’t move or cause me harm? He’s not real? Right?” These questions and more probably ran through Greta Evans (Lauren Cohan, The Walking Dead) mind the first time she laid eyes on her charge, Brahms Heelshire, in The Boy. SheRead More →

It’s only episode two and we’re already craving for more angst riddled and ugly crying goodness that is The 100. In ‘Wanheda: Part Two’ family finds it’s way back to each other, the glimmer of new enemies emerge, and Lexa reappears *insert deep sigh*. Let’s take a look at theRead More →

‘The Boy‘ tells the story of an American nanny named Greta (Lauren Cohan) who escapes to the English countryside. What seems like an ordinary job turns into confusion when she finds out her charge is a doll. Yes, you heard right. A doll, named Brahms! She is given a setRead More →

The 100 season premiere is right around the corner (tomorrow actually.) But wait…you don’t remember where you left off! (What a shame!) And you don’t have enough time or will to get through all the angst and pain of Season 2? Well, this is where I come in! Below I’veRead More →

Never thought you’d hear the word ‘musical’ when it came to The 100 did you? After a fantastic year of being at the top of the charts Shawn Mendes, singer of hit ‘Stitches,’ is set to make his acting debuting on The 100. Details are scarce about who he’ll beRead More →

AMC’s The Walking Dead has just released a new set of photos that give us a glimpse of what’s ahead for Alexandria and more! From what we can tell Team Rick is spreading out and exploring the neighboring areas. The focus seems to be on the widening world around themRead More →

The 100 Television Critics Association (TCA) Panel was a incredible showcase of all the badass women on the show with Jason Rothenberg, the creator/executive producer, along for the ride. They discussed a range of topics that included women on TV, sexuality, taking risks, and those pesky Grounders. The women onRead More →

War is brewing in the latest trailer for The 100. For the Sky People it’s internal conflict between those who want to keep peace (Kane) and those who threaten it (Jaha and his lackey John Murphy.) Everyone’s on the hunt for Clarke and we get another brief glimpse of newRead More →

After 18 months of battling cancer, David Bowie died Sunday night. He was surrounded by family when he passed at 69 years of age. His official Facebook page stated: “David Bowie died peacefully today surrounded by his family after a courageous 18 month battle with cancer. While many of youRead More →

New details and a first look (the cover photo above) have emerged about our favorite spin-off series Fear the Walking Dead. The show follows a blended family at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse in Los Angeles. Last we left off they were looking out at a yacht named “Abigail”Read More →

  The Forest tells the story of a young woman named Sara (Natalie Dormer) who ventures into uncharted territory in the search for her twin sister. What she doesn’t know is the ‘suicide forest’ is filled with angry spirits that haven’t settled. First they took her sister, now she mightRead More →