Who doesn’t love a laugh? Find out which comedic episodes take our top spots in Round Two of the Fangirlish TV Tell-All. Our first round was even more robust; find dramas here. Annie Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S05E04) “HalloVeen”  There’s only one other television romantic surprise that I’ll remember seeing for theRead More →

Normally, unraveling a mystery and seeing our favorite characters triumph over the week’s murderer/drug dealer/generally bad guy (or girl!) is enough to keep me interested. But that’s not what I’m thinking about after this week’s episode. This Chicago PD 8×03: “Familia”  character focused review will not be about the case,Read More →

I know I’ve said before that Chicago Fire lost my attention for a little while, but I’m definitely eating my words now after watching “Badlands.” These first three eps are everything I could hope for at the beginning of a season, which lay all the groundwork for a compelling yearRead More →

Even within its standard case of the week structure, Chicago PD always manages to linger in my mind, often long into the weekend. Whether it’s character development, the outcome of a case, or someone new – spoiler: it’s all three – I always have thoughts. They’re not always coherent orRead More →

The more I reflected on the season seven premiere of my favorite of the One Chicago trio, Chicago P.D., the more frustrated I became. Not because it wasn’t a gripping episode or that many of my season wishes are apparently coming true, but because old character conflicts have returned toRead More →

Major spoilers, obviously. I’m writing this review through my tears. Even though it’s surprising that it took Chicago Fire 4 years to kill off another core character (RIP Shay forever), there was still, just for a second, a momentary hope that everyone would be okay. Despite my fervent hope inRead More →

I’ve loved Chicago P.D since the backdoor pilot some 7 years ago on Chicago Fire. Sergeant Hank Voight is the most ruthless and dedicated boss with some intriguingly questionable work practices, and the Intelligence Unit is the best of the best. We’ve had our highs and lows with the teamRead More →

I’m going to upfront: Chicago Fire lost me for a little while. I was exhausted by the ongoing drama between Casey and Dawson, and I was intrigued how the news of Monica Raymund’s exit would shake up the show. With the introduction of new key cast members (and a puppy!)Read More →

When the trailer for Crazy Rich Asians dropped last year, I wept genuine tears at two minutes of a romantic comedy. When the movie finally dropped that August, I enlisted my entire Vietnamese extended family to support a Gold Open in our corner of the Greater Toronto Area: we wentRead More →

With spring almost officially behind us, it’s time to welcome in warmer weather and usher in the return of our favorite summer shows. In the interest of full disclosure, I should probably tell I have already seen the entirety of season 2 of Burden of Truth. The season has alreadyRead More →