On this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy,the theme surrounding the storylines is Dia de los Muertos, also known as ‘The Day of the Dead’. We know we’ve lost MANY folks throughout the span of this show. Let’s break down “Flowers Grow Out of My Grave,” shall we? Teddy Almost RevealsRead More →

On this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Teddy makes an appearance and though it’s not for a heart to heart with Owen, she has it with Meredith. Jackson returns from his sudden leave to find himself, and Alex gives me another reason why he’s my favorite. Teddy’s Come Back Finally, sheRead More →

Sometimes, just one thing can make all the difference. Even when you don’t think it will. On this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, we’ve got Meredith on her first matchmaker-arranged date (with Josh Radnor as the guest star), Alex breaking a rule as chief of surgery, and Maggie once againRead More →

You know how you have to try a little harder till you get it? That’s what the first day of being chief of surgery for Alex Karev felt like it on this week’s Grey’s Anatomy. But that’s okay because he’s just starting off on this new position, it takes adjustments andRead More →

Grey’s Anatomy manages to give us a season finale without a tragic character death and all I gotta say is: Thank you Grey’s writers! As season 14 officially wraps, we were left with nothing but great times, bittersweet farewells and new beginnings in this season finale. I’m glad that there wasRead More →

One sec, let me wipe away these ugly crying tears. Alright. I’m back. Phew. This week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy sure did play a number on us. I know it did for me. As Season 14 is gearing towards its end, we are also at the point where we’re gettingRead More →

On this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, we finally put a face to Alex Karev’s mother after 14 years. We were all given sort of a scare about the well-being of Mrs. Karev in last week’s episode, after Alex’s worry that his mother might be dead in a ditch somewhereRead More →

We all want to change our story, at some point in time. Especially when it’s something you’ve had to deal with most of your life. As Grey Sloan Memorial is being shaken amidst the news about Harper Avery’s atrocious past, Catherine and Jackson must come up with an idea toRead More →

I love laughing. Don’t you love laughing? Grey’s Anatomy hits us with a weed-themed episode as a handful of Grey Sloan Memorial Attendees are forced to take the day off because they are high as a bird. I guess this episode was purposely meant to bring in ‘420’ – aRead More →

Grey’s Anatomy is at it again with tackling real-life issues that are IMPORTANT. Current events do not go unnoticed on this show, no do they not. ‘Beautiful Dreamers’ is a DACA-themed episode where we find out of the doctors, Sam Bello, is a dreamer facing deportation as ICE arrives toRead More →

On Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 18 ‘Hold Back the River’, we go back to the patients we’ve been invested in so far and get more information about the research that’s been going on. Here are 5 Notable Moments from this week’s episode: 1. Meredith’s research is working! This meansRead More →

It truly never fails to amaze me how creative Grey’s Anatomy likes to be with their episodes. This time around, we get a much more narrowed and focused episode centered around three characters and their huge storylines, all in the span of 24 hours in “One Day Like This.” Let’s breakRead More →

This week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy gave us a mixture of humorous, emotional, and some pretty heavy moments. It doesn’t shy away from gives you different reactions after another. Jackson and Maggie have Been Spotted I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one that felt awkward when Richard and CatherineRead More →

The heart wants what the heart wants. Go after it and don’t let it scare you. That was pretty much this theme on this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. It centers around ‘what would you do for love?’ I enjoyed ‘Old Scares, Future Hearts’ because it had some good flashbacks.Read More →

Who would have thought Meredith Grey would be the one to get played? On this week’s episode of  Grey’s Anatomy titled ‘Games People Play’, a very eager and pumped Meredith is ready to move along with her research project and while doing so she runs into someone from her childhood.Read More →

Welcome to Wakanda! *Warning* If you have not seen the movie yet, don’t continue on reading. There are spoilers! But if you have, well, come celebrate with me! Oh man, this movie blew. my. mind. The wait is finally over. There is just so much to say about Black Panther.Read More →