“Well, can’t they kick out some of the displaced families? I do need room for my diamonds.” And that’s when I knew – 13 minutes and 21 seconds in – that this week’s episode of The Morning Show, entitled “The Pendulum Swings” was going to be my favorite. The episodeRead More →


Well! That was probably my favorite Evil episode to date! This week’s episode of Evil, entitled “2 Fathers” is mostly centered around why David’s father has been using a demonic symbol an in his paintings. But in that context, it delivered probably the best scenes of the eight episodes soRead More →

Hallelujah! It’s all coming together! My biggest complaint literally all season for Evil has been that every storyline seems to be so disjointed from the rest. But finally- finally, in episode 7 entitled “Vatican III” we see a couple of things start to shift. We have known that a greaterRead More →

Okay. Okay, okay. First things first. I feel like it’s necessary to tell all everyone reading this, that while I am a professional who tries to look at things subjectively- I am still typing “Newsroom” after every ‘The” in this article. The Morning Show is just not doing it forRead More →

Well, an exorcism couldn’t get Kristen to believe that some kind of higher power existed… so perhaps, a prophet will? In this week’s episode of Evil, entitled “Let x=9”, we see the church send David, Kristen, and Ben to a daycare, where a lady by the name of Grace saysRead More →

Well. Okay. Evil. So… that happened. Last week’s review of Evil was a bit passive because honestly, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to keep up with the show. But sweet Jesus, after this week’s episode entitled “Rose390,” I may be having second thoughts. The show starts off withRead More →

Remember how last week I said Evil was starting to get good? We just took two steps back this week. Episode 3 of Evil, entitled “3 Stars” was lackluster at best, and I’m starting to feel like this show is headed for a season one cancellation. “3 Stars” starts offRead More →

Okay guys, Evil is definitely getting a bit better. The pilot seemed a bit boring, if I’m being honest. Boring and cliche, but the second episode of the first season, entitled “177 minutes,” is starting to pick up the pace. This week, Kristen, Ben, and David investigate a miracle. ARead More →

Science vs. faith. That’s what it all boils down to on CBS’s new “horror drama,” Evil. In its pilot episode, we see Dr. Kristen Bouchard- a skeptical psychologist, cross paths with David Acosta- a priest in training. To be honest, it was a bit underwhelming. It all seemed a littleRead More →

Every once in awhile, a show comes along that catches your interest. You get enthralled by it, and once you’re hooked, you ask your friends if they’ve seen it. Now sometimes, they say yes, and you go into a huge conversation that ranges from episodes to characters to what-ifs. ButRead More →