And we’re back. Get your wine glass ready, and your make sure you’re not wearing anything white. How to get away with Murder is coming back soon, and with it being the last season, I’m sure that we’ll be in for a lot of jaw dropping moments. We’ve seen theRead More →

Every once in awhile, a show comes along that catches your interest. You get enthralled by it, and once you’re hooked, you ask your friends if they’ve seen it. Now sometimes, they say yes, and you go into a huge conversation that ranges from episodes to characters to what-ifs. ButRead More →

Well, the Animal Kingdom season 4 finale happened last week, and left a lot of us in pure and utter shock. If you didn’t scream “Oh my god!” at least once, while picking your jaw up from the ground, then you’re probably only a healthy bit invested in these characters-Read More →