It was officially announced by ABC this morning that the star of the next season of the Bachelor franchise will be Colton Underwood. On the surface, Colton may seem like an non-offensive choice. He’s a former football player, he runs a charity for children with cystic fibrosis and overall heRead More →


We’re back for Chris Harrison’s longest shift of the year! The show is live, and it’s about the most ‘emotional finale we’ve ever seen’ and it’s a ‘tearjerker.’ We’ll see about that, we’ll see. This week were in the Maldives, aka the most romantic place Becca has ever been. After aRead More →

The episode begins by showing us some scenes of the locale of the week – Thailand. This is by far the most exotic location they’ve been this season, so I guess all the budget was all saved for this! In a recap of the guys remaining, Becca actually states thatRead More →

Well friends, the end (of the season) is nearly upon us. Before another guy is sent on the long road home, let us take a peek into the hometowns of all four fellas left in this race. Honestly, the hometown dates were not the most interesting, so I’m going doRead More →

For me, this past Bachelor season can be summed up by one word – difficult. I found it difficult to watch, write or care about. Choosing Arie as the Bachelor was (in my opinion) one of the worst moves this show has made in years – Bachelor Winter Games included.Read More →

The episode starts with the girls talking about Becka and Arie. They’re worried about the fact that she’s only 22 and there is a 14 year age gap between them. They don’t get a chance to chat for too long, because Chris walks in and gives them the ‘bad news’Read More →

Episode two of this fabulous (can you feel the sarcasm?) second episode starts with a very cheesy shot of Arie putting on his sunglasses and getting on his motorcycle. After that needless shot, we waste no time in getting straight into this week’s action. Meaning that Chris Harrison shows upRead More →

Hi friends. Here we are, back with yet another season of the Bachelor. Between this, the Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, Bachelor Canada and now – Bachelor, Winter Games I think we’re all suffering from a massive case of Bachelor burnout right now.  At least, I know I am. I wouldRead More →

Hello friends! I admit, I have a bit of Bachelor fatigue this season and it has been taking me a moment to get these recaps up. However, rest assured that a few holiday filled weeks of eating and drinking too much will prepare me to (hate) watch Arie’s season ofRead More →

Another week, another episode filled with group dates, solo dates, Two Oceans and questionable clothing choices. Sit back and relax as we delve into another episode of the cinematic masterpiece that is The Bachelor Canada. This week, everyone is still in Costa Rica, which I now realize probably has moreRead More →

This week starts with our Bachelor friends making their way to Costa Rica – which makes me think that the budget for this show has increased since last season? Also I’ve seen no egregious “Two Oceans” promotions thus far. Two Oceans is a wine that must have heavily sponsored theRead More →

Hello! With Bachelor in Paradise not long over, you may not have expected to see me back this soon. However, I could not resist sharing with you the Bachelor of my homeland – so if I’m going to suffer through a full season of The Bachelor Canada, I figured IRead More →

Well friends, the NHL is back in action for another season of the good (Jaromir had a team!) the bad (the Penguins upcoming White House visit) and everything in between. Since the season is only days-old at this point, there’s not much in the way of winners and losers, butRead More →

This is a case of ‘better late than never’ (I hope) because this season of Bachelor in Paradise has been so lacklustre that I am just now getting around to watching the finale. It has been downright boring at times.  Also, it doesn’t help that the next season of theRead More →

I joke a lot about needing alcohol to get through these episodes. Truth is, I’m not much of a drinker, but I might have to up my quantity to get me through the train wreck that is Bachelor in Paradise, Summer #3. According to Dominique, Paradise is ‘winding down’. AfterRead More →

Picking up directly from last week, the episode opens with the arrival of our Canadian friend Daniel. Which you know, is super convenient since Lacey was saying how much she wanted to meet him, and she was just about to head home. Daniel has the most typical Canadian accent I’veRead More →

I know, it’s been a second and I’m well behind on these recaps, but 4 hours a week is a lot to take in (I even think TOO much, they’re killing us with all this back-to-back Paradise!). But anyway, let’s see if we can get caught up right quick like!Read More →