One thing that I’ve complained about this season is that the whole team haven’t been in a episode together. It’s made the season feel a little empty so far. Well, with “Fun and Games,”  Agents of SHIELD is fully back to the show we all know and love. With plentyRead More →


2017 was a good year for many fans of many different ships. Whether it was Olicity, WestAllen or Jake and Amy on Brooklyn 99, you got countless romantic/shippy moments to make your heart explode with joy. Now having said that…there’s a few ships that we are reaching the point whereRead More →

Fitz is back and damn it feels good. For most of this season something has been off about Agents of SHIELD and it was clear what it has been after this episode. FUN. “Rewind” shows us what Fitz has been up to since the team disappeared. From prison isolation toRead More →

“A Life Spent” was a improvement over the premiere, but when it comes to this season of Agents of SHIELD so far… my feelings is that I’m not feeling it all the way yet. I respect that SHIELD is taking chances- going forward 70 years into the future is aRead More →

One thing you can always say for Agents of SHIELD is that they aren’t afraid to take risks. The latest one is a couple of twists that make this season it’s most unique yet. And even after two hours, I still have a ton of questions and thoughts racing throughRead More →

Let’s be real for a second, Marvel’s Inhumans has been a disappointment at best. Thought to be the new Marvel darling at ABC, instead it seems to be heading for one and done territory. Meanwhile, Agents of SHIELD continues to be like fine wine, improving with age as Season 4Read More →