We’re excited that All American returns tonight. We’ve missed this show. The first All American of 2020 is called “One Of Them Nights”. Here’s the synopsis – RE-CLAIM YOUR LIFE — Dillon (Jalyn Hall) is mad that Spencer (Daniel Ezra) hasn’t been around, so Spencer tries to make it upRead More →


In just a few short days, we will get a nice holiday break during Christmas.  If you’re anything like me then you are definitely counting down the days till you get to just lay around in your comfy clothes with zero plans.  You know what will make that break evenRead More →

We’re obsessing over the greatness that is All American a lot lately. I mean we’re not complaining about it either. It just is what it is. This weeks Thirsty Thursday is again dedicated to one of the cast of All American, Cody Christian. We’ve been fans of his since hisRead More →

Two of the things that I love most in this world are football and great television. Even better? Television shows featuring football. That’s the reason I ultimately gave All American a try last season. But I stuck around for so much more. It reminded me of Friday Night Lights in how itRead More →

Have you been finding yourself stuck in a TV show slump? Not sure what to spend an hour of your life watching? Well, have no fear. Fangirlish is here to help you out. Here is our list of the five shows you should be watching: 1) Roswell, New Mexico WhileRead More →

Sometimes, the problem with All American is the same thing that can, at other times, be the best thing about All American. I like the show. I don’t think there’s anything quite like it on TV, and there is certainly no show that’s geared towards the same audience and tryingRead More →

It’s an amazing feeling when you know a freshman show has finally found its footing and is breaking off amazing episode after amazing episode. Just look at All American, which continues to impress with its dynamic storytelling and character development making it one of The CW’s best shows. All AmericanRead More →

Communities come together in All American‘s “m.A.A.d. City” and create a ruckus that inspires Spencer to get his motivational speaker on! Because no matter where Spencer goes, or how life changes him in Beverly, his home needs him, his caring nature, and his strong desire for change in 2019. So,Read More →

There’s just something different about All American. How the emotional implications of an episode has the power to affect you in an unexpected ways. Yes, it’s a show about football. Yes, it’s a show about teen drama. But it’s also a show that doesn’t shy away from the truth ofRead More →

All American’s “California Love” was all about the drama, drama, dramaaaaaaa. From Asher to Spencer and Leila, everyone’s part of the drama right in time for the Homecoming dance. Even Coach Billy and Spencer’s mom had a moment before wifey Laura came around. All of it is ridiculous, entertaining, andRead More →