Nothing is more gut wrenching that watching a beloved character die. It doesn’t even have to be someone you like. Maybe for some reason you just wished they lived or died a different way. There is a special someone on this list that fits into that category for me. WhateverRead More →


American Gods is slowly but surely making us fall in love with Laura Moon and Mad Sweeney in “The Beguiling Man.” We could resist. I could resist…but I won’t. There’s a spark there, a bond, that I don’t think I’ve ever seen before or that Laura Moon and Mad SweeneyRead More →

American Gods, the hit Starz show in its second season, will be coming back for a third round! Starz has confirmed that the series will be returning for a third season with a new show-runner. Charles ‘Chic’ Eglee, our newest addition to the American Gods family, is best known forRead More →

Starz American Gods has added three new actors to its second season according to Deadline. These three key roles are that of New Media, Sam Black Crow, Mr. Town. After last years season finale and the departure of so many key actors and EP’s, we were understandably hesitant about theRead More →

Starz announced through their American Gods twitter that the show has started production and is set to return in 2019. After much speculation about the direction of the show, especially after the departure of the EP’s and key actors, it finally feels like we can breath just a bit easier.Read More →

American Gods will not be attending San Diego Comic-Con according to Deadline. The show will be blowing full steam ahead into Season 2 territory and won’t have the time to attend the world renowned convention on all things TV, movie, comics, and more. Here’s the excerpt from Deadline: DEADLINE: MoreRead More →

The Old Gods have acquired a queen and finally set the stage for the beginning of the war against the New Gods in American Gods Season 1 Finale “Come to Jesus.” While it isn’t the strongest episode of the season, it is a satisfying ending that leaves you wanting to rereadRead More →

American God‘s “Prayer for Mad Sweeney” cemented my love for the tall and foul-mouthed leprechaun and made me wish for more moments of him standing in gentle candle light with his shirt half open. His appearances in Essie’s vignette and the remorse he showed for Laura Moon has given meRead More →