Easter. A time of rebirth, spring clothes, egg hunts, and sharing your holiday with a whole bunch of Jesus’. 13 in fact. That is the reality of the God of Easter on Starz’s new series American Gods. We got a chance to speak with Easter herself, actress Kristin Chenoweth, aboutRead More →

Starz just served up another character video for it’s upcoming adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. Laura Moon, played by Emily Browning, is Shadow’s wife. She was waiting for her husband to get out of jail so they could get their life back on track. Unfortunately, she ends up deadRead More →

Mad Sweeney, played by Pablo Schreiber, joins a plethora of unique and memorable characters on Starz American Gods. In this new character video we get another peek at the tall ginger with a love for fighting and showing off. He enters Shadow Moon’s life just as things are changing forRead More →

With one month left until the premiere of American Gods, Starz has released the main title sequence. For those not familiar with the book, the opening sequence might be a little…confusing. The opening is meant to represent the old and the new coming together. We have multiple statues and objects of worship,Read More →

It’s time to start familiarizing yourself with the faces of Old and New Gods for the April 30th premiere of Starz’s American Gods. Bryan Fuller, executive producer, treated us with some colorful character posters featuring Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle), Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane), Laura Moon (Emily Browning), Bilquis (Yetide Badaki),Read More →

The Old Gods and the New throw it down in a new bloody trailer for Starz new series American Gods. This adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s book tells the story of Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle), an ex-convict, who experiences a tragedy just as he’s being released. A mysterious encounter sets him off onRead More →

Starz’s American Gods has added two new deities. On Wednesday, the network announced that Orlando Jones has been cast as Mr. Nancy in the adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s fantasy novel, American Gods. Mr. Nancy, the old African trickster god more commonly known as Anansi, is one of Mr. Wednesday’s (IanRead More →

We’re trying to keep our cool here. We’re trying really hard. We’re just failing at it. Because ‘American Gods’ is coming, and we here at Fangirlish couldn’t be more excited about it. The long awaited adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s acclaimed contemporary fantasy novel has now officially begun production. Shooting hasRead More →

The interview that fans have been waiting for has finally arrived! Ricky Whittle sat down with Afterbuzz TV to give an in-depth interview about Lincoln’s death on The 100, the bullying behind the scenes, and his next big project Starz American Gods. After weeks of speculation on what the heckRead More →