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Batwoman’s “Rebirth” sees Kate’s memories making an appearance, Alice losing someone else, and Luke starting down a new path.

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Batwoman’s “And Justice for All” brings zombies, Alice facing harsh truths, and social justice commentary that feels timely.

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Batwoman’s “And Justice for All” is set to be an intense episode where Snakebite addicts become ravenous for more than a fix.

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Batwoman’s “Initiate Self-Destruct” gave us conflicted feelings about Ryan Wilder leaving Alice behind and the hero that makes her.

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Batwoman’s “Initiate Self-Destruct” seeing Ryan faced with a difficult decision that could expose her.

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Batwoman’s “Arrive Alive” saw Sophie finding out about Ryan’s secret, Alice reuniting with Ocean, and Ryan trying to save Angelique.

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Batwoman’s “Time Off for Good Behavior” saw Alice and Julia teaming up while Batwoman tried to figure out who Black Mask is.

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Batwoman’s “Time Off for Good Behavior” sees our hero trying to stop Black Mask while others are haunted by their past.

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Batwoman’s “It’s Best You Stop Digging” finally got Ryan to understand some fundamental truths about herself.

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Batwoman’s “Do Not Resuscitate” gave us something that we’d been missing for a while; Ryan Wilder and her experiences as a LGBTQ woman.

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Batwoman’s “Gore on Canvas” had Sophie speaking truth to her feelings while Alice seeking answers to her past with Ocean.

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Batwoman’s “Fair Skin, Blue Eyes” saw unexpected team ups, the past coming to haunt those we love, and Ryan moving in with Mary.

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Batwoman’s “Prior Criminal History” made it crystal clear that this isn’t about replacing Kate Kane. It’s about keeping her legacy alive.

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