Last week the team continued the hunt for Agnes with no success. The one upside is they discovered exactly why Kirk tried so hard to get to Liz. He needed a biological descendant to create a cure for his fatal blood disorder. Now that Liz is gone, his only optionRead More →

So “Gaia” has come and gone, and Kirk still has Agnes. It looked like the team might finally bring her home this time, but largely thanks to Tom, Agnes is just as far away as ever. When Liz told him not to trace the link to the video that KirkRead More →

Last week, Liz returned to the task force for the first time, and we found out what Kirk’s true motivation for his obsession with her was. In tonight’s episode “Gaia,” the team is getting closer to bringing Agnes home. I’m honestly surprised that Agnes hasn’t been rescued already, considering howRead More →

In Thursday’s episode “Miles McGrath” the team and Red continued the hunt for Agnes. Red is still adamant about working on his own, and because of everything that has happened tensions are understandably high. Let’s talk about Donald Ressler for a minute. He has done everything that has been requiredRead More →

Last week, we saw Red go completely off the rails in order to bring Liz home. He was successful as usual, but this success came at a very high self-imposed price, (you all know I’m talking about his attempted assassination of Mr.Kaplan). Tonight in “Miles McGrath” Red continues his crusadeRead More →

There’s a lot to talk about from last night’s episode “Mato”, so let’s break it down into a few key moments. We all knew that Red would become completely unhinged in the hunt for Liz, but I for one didn’t think he would go as far as he did inRead More →