NBC knows how to compensate for leaving us – due to the holidays – without a new Blindspot episode last week! They have already let us see the photos and synopsis for episode 3×06 “Adoring Suspect”. Also, thanks to EW we have new and interesting information about the plan that RomanRead More →

Blindspot has blown our heads once again! “This Profound Legacy” was so awesome! I don’t know how they do it, but every episode is an adventure and a roller coaster of emotions. The action and the emotional part find a perfect balance in an episode marked by Jane’s reaction to the revelation ofRead More →

After the little break for Thanksgiving, our favorite show returns! A new Blindspot episode airs tonight! As an appetizer of what awaits us in what seems to be a spectacular episode, here are three sneak peeks of “This Profound Legacy” that show quite significant and important situations. Here we go!. SNEAKRead More →

There was no Blindspot last week, and we can’t wait to see the next episode of our favorite show. To tide us over, here are the promotional photos and the synopsis of the following episode 3×05 titled “This Profound Legacy”. Here we go!. PROMOTIONAL PHOTOS In the photos we can see thatRead More →

We are back for another week, Blindspot fans! After last week’s episode, it seemed impossible for Blindspot to give us an even better hour. But “Gunplay Ricochet” has achieved it! We have fallen in love with Jeller (again), we have felt tension with a frenetic pace, our heads have been blown withRead More →

Only one day left to enjoy a new Blindspot episode! We can almost taste the new mysteries that our favorite show has prepared for us. As an appetizer for the episode, here’s a sneak peek that shows us a little of what we will see tomorrow. In addition, there is greatRead More →

We’ve started another Blindspot week! NBC hasn’t wasted any time and they have released the official photos of episode 3×04, titled “Gunplay Ricochet.” They’re some interesting photos and we’re going to analyze them, as well as the synopsis. Here we go!. In the pictures we can see the whole team on aRead More →

We’re here again for one more week, Blindspot fans! “Upside Down Craft” was awesome. There was a lot of action, great Jeller scenes, a fantastic dynamic between the team, and … the secret between Ritch and Patterson has been revealed! In addition, the investigation into Stuart’s murder  and the tattoo he wasRead More →

After almost a week, we are on the verge of a new episode of Blindspot! There is very little left till 3×03 “Upside Down Craft“. Are you as excited as we are to get into the wonderful world of Blindspot one more time? As an appetizer, here’re the sneak peeks forRead More →

With a new week comes new information about Blindspot!. NBC did not waste any time, right after releasing the 3×02 photos, they published the promotional photos for the next episode – 3×03 – titled “Upside Down Craft.” The photos in themselves don’t say too much, however, that’s not the case with theRead More →

It’s been a week, Blindspot fans! And here we are to comment on the new and wonderful episode of our favorite show, titled “Enemy Bag of Tricks.” The episode had everything: lots of action, interesting turns and and honest view of the problems in the team, as well as some secrets beingRead More →

This week’s  Blindspot episode  is almost here! We only have 1 day left! Are you looking forward to seeing it as much as we are?. We have very time little left before we get to enter in the mysterious and attractive world of Blindspot. While the episode arrives, thanks toRead More →

We  have a lot to celebrate Blindspot fans!. After the wonderful and explosive season premiere NBC has released promotional photos and the promo for the following episode entitled “Enemy Bag of Tricks“. In addition, thanks to Spoiler TV , we have a tease on THAT mystery that the show left us withRead More →

The wait is over, Blindspot fans! We have already seen the first episode of season 3, titled “Back to the Grind.” What did you think ? We have many things to say! It was a very solid comeback that made us scream with excitement, enjoy all the action and theRead More →

We’ve almost hit the target, Blindspot fans! We can already taste that moment in which our favorite show returns after the long hellatus hiatus. IT’S ONLY ONE DAY! And, with the premiere of season 3 so close, last night a special Blindspot screening took place, and of course, the cast provided some scoopRead More →

The wait has almost come to an end, Blindspot fans! IT’S ONLY ONE DAY AWAY! One day! After so much waiting it seems hard to believe that we’ve finally made it …but we have! As an appetizer before the new season, let’s go over everything that happened in season 2,Read More →

Blindspot fans have many good reasons to be happy! The countdown is running out and there are only 5 DAYS left! Are you as excited as we are? In addition, yesterday the  gala for the “Action Icon Awards” was held, with very good news for Blindspot. And, as if that’s notRead More →

Roman is one of our favorite Blindspot characters and we’re thrilled to know that we will see A LOT of him during the new season of our favorite show. One of the aspects that make Roman’s character more interesting and attractive is his personality. Throughout the show, there have beenRead More →

In recent days it seems like Blindspot fans have had even more reasons to get excited than usual, with all the news and teases coming out about our favorite show. It’s been literally one scoop after another and although we love it because we can’t wait for the season to start, sometimes it’sRead More →

What moments do Jeller fans think are the most significant and special in their relationship? Here at Fangirlish we asked ourselves this very question and we wanted to hear your opinion, so we could share our love for this fantastic couple and create a list of 10 top Jeller momentsRead More →

Ready to jump from excitement, Blindspot fans? Photos for episode 3×01 “Back to the Grind” and the key art for the season are here! The pics promise us a lot of action in what appears to be the rescue of Patterson, Reade and Zapata from Roman’s clutches. New Flash: they canRead More →